Freestyle skiing is the sickest sport out there. I’ve been skiing since i was 11. I didn’t get into the freestyle scene until i was about 17, but then i didn’t get to go skiing for 2 year. Since then I have been pushing myself to get good enough to get a sponsorship. This past season I was trying really hard to increase my skills, learn new tricks, and do some competitions. Although a broken hand took me out for a couple weeks in the season i still managed to keep going. I ended up winning one rail jam and got 4th in the Big Air i did, and 2nd in the other rail jam at Grand Targhee. I learned to do misty 5’s, lincoln loops, and regular 7’s. Also spins on and off rails. So it was a good season.
This year is going to be even better. I am wanting to up my skills again. I want to get a truckdriver grab in with my new misty 540, I want to get grabs and off axis spins better with my 7’s, and get better at my switch tricks. I am going to do a bunch of local comps too. They have big air and rail jams at 2 local mountains around here. Technica should support me because for only one season after a long break I have progressed so much. In my group of friends, i was always the one to go skiing, even if by myself. Skiing is my life. Also I am not scared to try new tricks and i don’t give up until i stomp it. That discipline has helped me a lot and will continue to up my skills.

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