Here’s what pro skiers say they enjoy doing most during the summer

Here’s what pro skiers say they enjoy doing most during the summer

Last week, we revealed where 38 pro skiers prefer to do their summer shredding. This week, we’ll step away from the hill, because many of our favorite pros are pretty damn good at various other badass summertime activities.

Mike Hornbeck, for example, spends much of his free time skateboarding because, “it makes my mind think more creatively. It’s just anther canvas to slime on.” Skateboarding was very popular among our group of pros, clocking in at 12% of answers for favorite summertime activity.

Others, the majority actually, enjoy spending their summers surfing. Elyse Saugstad commented that playing in the ocean “carries so many rejuvenating qualities,” and that it’s “really nice to do a sport that requires so little gear.” Jacob Wester, who’s become quite immersed in the sport over the past decade and gets in almost three months in the water each year, says “there’s no way of quitting once you get that first barrel. Cliché, I know, but it’s true. Don’t pick up surfing if you want to do other things, ever again.”

Some like to get their summer adrenaline fix through mountain biking. Sage Cattabriga-Alosa describes mountain biking’s allure in ski terms, “Hauling ass, catching air, blasting turns with your friends, in the woods and in the mountains; sounds vaguely familiar.”

Check out what the pros enjoy doing in the summer via the graph below, and then vote for your favorite summertime activity in the accompanying poll.

Pro skiers’ favorite summertime activities:


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