Opening Weekend At Bachelor

Opening Weekend At Bachelor

By K. McKee, AKA: Snow Assasin, AKA: Number Muncher
Its opening day at Mt. Bachelor and the winds are projected to reach 70mph. But around Central Oregon the skiers and snowboarders aren’t worrying about the winds. For them it’s a matter of how much and when, that is, how much snow will this system bring and when will the lifts start running. Because the fact is, Central Oregonians will ride in anything as long as the snow is there. The locals have proven this by lining up their cars in the parking lot the entire week before opening day. Hikers have been attacking the Cinder Cone along with much of the terrain surrounding it in search of early season turns in the Cascade powder we’ve all built an addiction to.

The call was made Thursday; the lifts wouldn’t start moving until noon. Because, while the crowds might be able to brave winds more appropriately associated with say a hurricane, the lifts could not. But a projected noon opening was all Bachelors’ riders needed to hear. They were there the next day, ready to ride and grinning from ear to ear. So while a countdown normally might sound like 3, 2, 1…, Bachelor’s was more like 70mph, 50mph, 30mph….GO! And just like that at 11:30 am, the lifts started to turn and so did the Skiers and Snowboarders.

Winds died Saturday for a break in the storm and those who came up were handsomely rewarded. Somewhere around 13” of new in the past 24 hours was waiting to be annihilated. No matter where you ventured it was powder turns, slashes and face shots. Perfect.
Sunday was a different story however. The winds were back in full force and unfortunately it was too much for Pine marten to operate in, but that wasn’t a concern for riders. They had more important things on their minds like the 20” of snow that had fallen since the storm arrived Thursday night. So while the winds blew the snow into the trees, the riders took on a mission of seek and destroy and headed in after it. It was a day that made you forget that one lift was down and another was slower than Rainbow on a good day. Because by the time you got to the bottom and back in line all you wanted was more.

And then there was Monday. Summed up best as; Bluebird skies, fast corduroy and powder stashes. Because of the Pine Marten closure the day before, the snow was still there untouched and ready for the taking. Everyone rode until either their muscles ceased to operate or the lifts did.

So it might not have been the perfect opening weekend, then again though, maybe it was. But don’t worry, it’s not about to stop there. The snow is still amazing and the sunny weather should hold most of this week until the next system rolls in. Then the temps and the snow will start to drop again. By Thanksgiving weekend will have Sunrise lift operating and also have moved the park off sunshine lift and over to a proper slopestyle setting. Check out the early season and opening day pics as well as the video. Then check the report, grab your gear, get in your car and get up here!

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