One Hit Wonder Down Under Day 1

One Hit Wonder Down Under Day 1

Thredbo Resort, Australia – Filming for the One Hit Wonder Down Under Big Air Event has started. Event organizers aim to wrap up, injury free and with this season’s best snow sports footage in the can, on Thursday the 17th. Athletes and the crew will be winding down on Thursday night in Thredbo Village at the Schuss Bar where all are welcome to attend.

A few of Thredbo’s locals have reported back that Thredbo’s own professional snowboarder and park designer/builder Charles Beckinsale has created one monster of a jump… and although Charles himself unfortunately separated his shoulder whilst testing his own 80 foot creation, Armada Team Skier and recent winner of the Thredbo Freeride Series Finals, Johnny Lipzker was impressed. “The jump is pretty scary at first but once we’re warmed up you can expect a new standard of skiing and snowboarding from Australia during the week.”

Australia’s best skiers and snowboarders first had to audition against one another to even get a start in the event. The final line up consists of skiers Johnny Lipzker, Charlie Timmins, Boen Ferguson, Jordan Houghton and Slovenian import, Bine Zalohar. Youngsters Andrew Roth and Chris de Campo will go head to head with invited snowboarders Robbie Walker, Mitch Allan and no stranger to keeping it smooth in front of the lens, Ryan Tiene.

The increasing number of Australian skiers and snowboarders infiltrating the international scene has helped fuel an interest in more Australian ski and snowboard events. Though the One Hit Wonder becomes unique when the riders have the option to keep changing or improving their “Wondrous” One Hit to gain the competitive edge over the other riders, provided of course that they possess the skills and a deep enough bag of tricks. Event director, Tim Myers says “This jam session format is unlike the usual high pressure competition dynamic, where early drawn riders have to anticipate the forthcoming standard of tricks. Riders can warm up to the jump in a relaxed atmosphere and hopefully inspire each other with varying skiing and snowboarding styles throughout the four day duration.” The One Hit Wonder Down Under is about creating an environment where skiers and snowboarders can step up their big air acrobatics and produce the most crowd pleasing show that they know how.

At the end of the filming window, each riders selected big air trick will be hosted online for the viewing audience to judge and ultimately decide who shares in the $5,000 purse provided by Sinner Outerwear and Red Bull. By voting for your favorite rider, you the public, will also go into the draw to win from a $5,000 head-to-toe equipment package from Sinner Outerwear, Dynastar skis, Lange ski boots, or a Rome snowboard, boots and bindings set up.

Natalie Khoo from Wintervolume.com says “What Myers has invented is very interesting, and bound to capture the interest of those both inside and outside of the snow community. This competition is film-based and interactive. Never before has the Australian snow sports industry seen a competition like this.”

The One Hit Wonder Down Under will continue at Thredbo until Thursday the 17th of September, with the voting window open for the following three weeks. If you’re in Thredbo check it out. Otherwise visit www.onehitwonderevent.com to see these amazing athletes as documented by the best cinematographers in the Snowy Mountains and cast your vote.

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