Now Hiring: Interns!

Now Hiring: Interns!

We have two editorial internship spots open for the May – August cycle, and we want YOU to apply.

A lot of people ask, “What is interning at Freeskier all about?” I like to tell them that it’s a great opportunity to mingle with the industry, collect contacts, make relationships, get clips for your portfolio, and have a lot of fun doing it. But to get the best idea of what interning is really like here at Freeskier, we asked some past interns to tell us about their experiences:

“Interning at Freeskier is so awesome because it gave me the opportunity to work amongst some of the coolest people who share the same passion for winter sports as I do. I am able to develop relationships with the people I look up to and take away a learning experience from it.” – Brian
“Interning at Freeskier is rad because you get to be a part of stoking people out about skiing, even though I snowboard.” – Heather
“Interning at Freeskier rules because on a good day, you get to drive me and Simon to the airport at 4 am. Whoever does not think that is awesome is out of their mind.” – Peter “Not Actually an Intern” Olenick
“Interning at Freeskier was awesome. It was a really great experience and about three months after I finished, the drunk dials from Shay pretty much stopped.” – Becca
“Being a Freeskier intern is cool because when you come into the office, you can tell how good your day is going to be by what kind of drink Harvey has on his desk. Beer means “It’s almost the weekend, I don’t care, let’s party.” Vodka means “Go get me some fast food.” Coffee means “I’m on deadline, leave me alone.” Red Bull or water mean “Let’s get to work.”” – Jess
“By and large, the single most terrifying experience of my career has been interning at Freeskier. From never-ending needling from the art director to living in fear of being yelled at by the photo editor to constant confusion as to what Matt Harvey is thinking, my internship was a lesson in co-worker dynamics. But, I love it. And, I’m still here… four years later.” – Nicole “I work here now” Birkhold

Remember, it’s not always about answering phones, fact checking or making sure Shay Williams’ fish have enough food. Sometimes you get to participate in the creative process and may even find yourself starring in Freeskier content. Here’s ex-intern, Gabe Freeman with more on that subject…

Here’s how to apply:

  • Send your resume, cover letter and clips (if you have any, no worries if you don’t) to [email protected].
  • Make sure you put the word “intern” somewhere in the subject of your e-mail.
  • Style points awarded for creativity. You are applying to Freeskier magazine, not Harper’s.
  • That said, misspelling there/their/they’re is a pretty good way to get automatically disqualified.
  • DO NOT call the office. Read that ten times over. It’s 2010, e-mail works just fine.
  • You must live in or around Boulder. This is an in-office internship.
  • We are looking for about 16 hours a week of your time. We’re pretty flexible, so if you have a strange schedule, that’s just fine.
  • This is an unpaid position.

If you are driven, self-starting and stoked to be a part of the ski industry, you will love this internship.

Apply away: [email protected]

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