Nothing but Sunshine: The 2020 FREESKIER Ski Test continues on Aspen Mountain with picture perfect conditions

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Nothing but Sunshine: The 2020 FREESKIER Ski Test continues on Aspen Mountain with picture perfect conditions


The 2020 FREESKIER Ski Test, lovingly referred to as FREESKIERFEST, kicked off on Monday with a bang—specifically, a six to eleven inch refresh on Aspen Mountain. After a full day of testing next year’s widest planks and feasting on a smorgasbord of Rocky Mountain blower pow, the skies cleared for picture-perfect, post-storm spring skiing for the next two days of testing.

Not a cloud in the sky, our testers showed up to the testing corral on top of Aspen Mountain on Tuesday morning hyped for the second day of testing and decked out in their wildest costume attire. With plenty of leftovers to scour, it was easy work trying out 100-110 mm freeride skis, set to hit shop shelves in the fall of 2020. The good vibes flowed from first chair all the way to après on the W Aspen’s rooftop Wet Deck for a good old-fashioned flip cup tournament with a pair of Dragon sunglasses, a champion’s trophy and bragging rights on the line.

Wednesday welcomed our group of 60 skiers with even more sunshine and textbook spring skiing conditions, absolutely perfect for sending big airs and poaching every last bit of fresh snow on next year’s best 100-110 mm freestyle skis. Stay tuned for more action from #FREESKIERFEST with more sunny spring weather forecasted for the rest of the week and the 85-99 mm freeride and freestyle categories to go.

Tuesday: 100-110 mm freeride

Early bird Andrew Benaquista finds an untouched stash. PHOTO: Matt Power
Monday’s storm made for soft landings on Tuesday. PHOTO: Laura Obermeyer
The Ski Monster athlete Andrew Benaquista. PHOTO: Matt Power
Anna Tedesco looking fierce. PHOTO: Laura Obermeyer
Ski tester Mo Mitchell is the queen of style. PHOTO: Matt Power
Ski tester Aidan Sheahan. PHOTO: Laura Obermeyer
Girl gang. PHOTO: Matt Power
Thayne Rich or Ski Jesus? PHOTO: Laura Obermeyer
That’s a good lookin’ crew. PHOTO: Sam Taggart
Max Bass turning things upside down. PHOTO: Laura Obermeyer
Ski tester Thomas Lampert heading to another dimension. PHOTO: Sam Taggart
Folsom Skis’ Max Tabor. PHOTO: Matt Power
Spraffy over the town of Aspen. PHOTO: Matt Power
Tae Westcott keepin’ it loose. PHOTO: Matt Power
A T-to-B lap means a gondola party. PHOTO: Sam Taggart

Après at W Aspen: Flip Cup Tournament

Emotions run high amidst the single-elimination tournament. PHOTO: Donny O’Neill
The Boston Massacres take home the W on the rooftop of W Aspen. PHOTO: Donny O’Neill
Cheesin’. PHOTO: Donny O’Neill

Wednesday: 100-110 mm freestyle

Piers Solomon dropping! PHOTO: Donny O’Neill
Ski tester Mo Mitchell. PHOTO: Matt Power
FREESKIER’s Sam Taggart spreading ’em wide. PHOTO: Matt Power
Max Bass stylin’ out. PHOTO: Matt Power
4FRNT athlete Thayne Rich. PHOTO: Matt Power
J Skis’ Taylor Bibaud in the middle of a party train. PHOTO: Matt Power
Friends old and new. PHOTO: Matt Power

Behind the Scenes: Aspen Mountain

Ski tester Kristin Bersani showing some love on a beautiful ski day. PHOTO: Erin Spong
FREESKIER’s Donny O’Neill staying hydrated. PHOTO: Erin Spong
Videographer Tommy Joyce stocking up for a full day of hot laps. PHOTO: Erin Spong
Only the skiing should be loose. PHOTO: Erin Spong
Ski Patrol dog, Zaugg, keeping everyone in line. PHOTO: Erin Spong
FREESKIER’s Damian Quigley calling the shots. PHOTO: Erin Spong
Thayne Rich basking in the spring sun. PHOTO: Matt Power
Ski tester Larry McCluskey and 4FRNT’s Sam battle it out for a pair of Dragon sunglasses. PHOTO: Erin Spong
Larry edges out Sam for the win. PHOTO: Erin Spong
Ajax takes its evening rest. PHOTO: Donny O’Neill