The North Face Park & Pipe Open Results: Christian Allen and Annalisa Drew take 1st In Pipe

The North Face Park & Pipe Open Results: Christian Allen and Annalisa Drew take 1st In Pipe

Evan Schwartz, Christian Allen, Dan Marion


With the weather cooperating, the final day of the North Face Park and Pipe Open series has concluded at Waterville Valley, New Hampshire, bringing the two stop tour, in it's inaugural year, to completion. Under pleasant blue skies and very mild winds; a welcomed respite from the previous day's gusts, 26 men and 10 women started the day out with semi finals early in the day.

Much has been said this year about the transition to 22 foot pipes as a "standard" for modern superpipe competitions. With the stunt ditch measuring out at about 16 feet, it presented a unique challenge for competitors to modify there runs to fit the smaller transitions. However with many master artists, they can paint on any canvas.

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Christian Allen En Route To Gold


Beginning just south of the 10:30 mark, the men's finals started out with the 26 competitors vying for a spot in finals. With only 12 moving on, the fight was fierce for the chance at the prize money. As with any open event, the level of competition was varied, where some competitors threw a mixed bag of stock tricks, lacking the amplitude and style of the seasoned vets, while others sent it huge like newcomer, and late addition to the startlist, Garet Nortley who was no doubt the athlete who had claimed the highest airs of the day.

After two runs, men's semis concluded and the esteemed panel of judges (Alexi Godbout, Phil Belanger, JF Cusson and Andy Woods) tallied the scores, deciding which 12 would move on. Moving right along to the Women Finals, 10 women had three runs to claim the podium. Similar to Men's semis, the competition level was varied. Some of the ladies were only able to put down a series of straight airs while others linked back to back 540's. In the end, it was Annalisa Drew's 720 on the last hit that would secure the top spot in first, followed by Julia Krass in second and Jess Breda in third.

Garet Nortley Gettin' Inverted


With the conclusion of the women's event, the event organizers kept the quick pace going, giving the men's finalists three practice runs to prepare. When the clock stuck 1:00, it was go time. With the smaller pipe, the amplitude and degrees of rotation were muted, as many of the athletes took a conservative approach for first of three runs. When announcer Luke Van Valin remarked halfway through the 2nd run that he had yet to see a 1080, local boy Brian Kish answered him with a switch 1080 on the first hit but unfortunately he wasn't able to bring the entire run to his feet, washing out on the last hit.

But it was that trick that marked the turning point, as competitors stepped up their game to match the callout. As mentioned, it was Garet Nortley whom sent it bigger than the rest of the field but unfortunately couldn't keep his feet under him for the entire run. Another notable performance included Jeremie Veeilleux' stylish Screaming Seamen Flat 5.

It was Evan Schwartz who was able to claim third with 900 tailgrab, a flat 3 japan, switch left 540 nosegrab, , switch right 7 and a cork 540 tail. Besting Schwartz was pipe vet Dan Marion who's run included a left 9 tail, right 360, switch left 7 and cork 540 flare. Claiming the top spot was Christian Allen with left 7, switch alley oop 7, left 540 into a right 540 and finishing up with a big right 1080.

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Jess Breda, Annalisa Drew, Julia Krass


Men's Pipe Finals Results:
1) Christian Allen – 88.50
2) Dan Marion – 86.50
3) Evan Schwartz – 84.50
4) Lyman Currier – 75.50
5) Rob Heule – 72.50
6) Jeremie Veilleux – 70.50
7) Ted Porter – 68.50
8) Scott Nelson – 67.50
9) Aaron Mackay – 63.00
10) Lukas Bowman – 62.50
11) Brian Kish – 55.00
12) Garet Nortley – 27.50
Women's Pipe Finals Results:
1) Annalisa Drew – 90.00
2) Julia Krass – 79.00
3) Jess Breda – 76.30
4) Eden Netelko – 74.50
5) Julia Marino – 69.30
6) Maggie Stout – 60.00
7) Jeanee Crane-Mauzy – 55.3
8) Meagan Fiselier – 32.0
9) Jackie Atkinson – 27.8
10) Shannon Gunning – DNS
For information on what this does to the AFP Superpipe standings, visit the AFP World Rankings page.

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