Nordica Ski Review

Nordica Ski Review

The heart and soul of Nordica’s line, as far as we are concerned (and you are, too) is the company’s Supercharger collection. Comprised of five models (including the Junior Spark ski, which we do not review), this tight-knit line features wood-core constructions, Nordica’s Energy Frame technology for strength and durability and sintered graphite bases, which are extremely fast and durable.

Supercharger Blower

Length: 185, 193
Dimensions: 139-110-129
MSRP: $775 Stoke: 8.5

The Blower is a serious ski. “It’s very stable, almost too much so,” said one tester. “If you are on top of a 2,000-foot face in AK ready to straightline, then this is your tool,” was another comment. Regardless, the 193 is for pure experts, while the 185 offers much needed versatility to the Blower family. Our choice? Rock the shorter length.

Supercharger Enforcer

Length: 169, 177, 185
Dimensions: 135-98-125
MSRP: $715 Stoke: 8

The wood-core Enforcer is the most versatile offering in Nordica’s Supercharger lineup. It’s a stable ski at high speeds and would be great for those looking for an every day ski. While you “might want something a bit fatter for the really deep days,” the Enforcer “chews up crud” and “can even handle tight trees.” Testers especially liked the 185 length, which they felt was “one of the better skis of the year.”

Supercharger Ignition

Length: 156, 163, 170, 177
Dimensions: 122-84-112
MSRP: $535 Stoke: 6.5
Jumps: 7 Pipe: 6
Playfulness: 6 All-Mtn: 7

Due to the size of this ski, our testers expected a stiffer, beefier ride, and what they got was a ski that was surprisingly soft in the tips and tails and pretty stiff underfoot. One of our testers felt like “they just bent up the wall” when in the pipe. The softness and playfulness in the tips and tails made the ski “fun to jib on” and it was “pretty good on jumps.”

Supercharger Spark

Length: 144, 152, 160, 168, 176
Dimensions: 118-84-110
MSRP: $415 Stoke: 6
Jumps: 7 Pipe: 7.5
Playfulness: 8 All-Mtn: 7

With similar dimensions to the Ignition, just a smaller tip and tail making it a straighter ski, the Spark is geared a little more toward a concentrated park ski. It also comes in a lovely pink for all the ladies — or gentlemen looking to make a statement — in addition to the orange pictured here. The Spark, living up to its name, had loads of energy and pop and just the right amount of playfulness.

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