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Nick Martini gives you three reasons to enter The North Face PPOS virtual competition

Nick Martini gives you three reasons to enter The North Face PPOS virtual competition

The window to register for The North Face Park and Pipe Open virtual contest is shrinking as you read this. If you haven’t already submitted a video, you now have until March 1, 2015 to sign up and get sendy for a chance to win epic prizes. From film dates with Tom Wallisch and the Good Company crew, to a $10,000 cash purse split evenly amongst male and female winners, GoPro prize packs, gear from The North Face and more; this comp is one that you need to be a part of. Let alone the fact that you will be crowned as the champion of the inaugural North Face PPOS virtual competition.

As if that wasn’t enough, to convince you, pro skier and filmmaking extraordinaire Nick Martini has a few reasons of his own to persuade you to enter this year’s virtual contest.

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Nick Martini says…

For starters, it’s awesome that kids anywhere in the country are able to compete in a legitimate national contest. When I grew up on the East Coast it was really hard to make it to the bigger contests out West. Thanks to the PPOS virtual contest, kids now have a chance to show everybody what the’ve got, simply by submitting a video.

Secondly, all you really need is a single jump and a single rail to film and edit together a run. Entering this contest is extremely accessible to most kids nationwide.

And finally, you can practice each trick and use just your best ones to create your “dream run,” which I think is really appealing. I hope to see skiers of all abilities enter, there will be awards for athletes of all skill levels.

Bonus: “Pro Tip” from Martini…

I think that most people will agree that something creative is always appreciated in contests like this. Personally, I would much rather see something new and different than a replication of what everyone else is doing in skiing. I also really appreciate unique style in the competition format. I hope to see all sorts of crazy stuff in this event.

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The contest will move into a round of public voting from February 23 through March 6. Following the public voting round, a panel of judges will select a group of finalists, assigning an overall score of 1-100 with the results and winners being announced on March 24, 2015. Specialty awards will be given out to best GoPro footage use, best trick, rail and air, biggest personality, viewers choice and the “Wallisch Select.”

For more information, visit www.thenorthfaceppos.com.

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