[Must watch] Audi Nines contest recap will make your jaw drop

[Must watch] Audi Nines contest recap will make your jaw drop

Featured Image: Audi Nines/Distillery by David Malacrida

The Audi Nines—formerly Nine Knights and Nine Queens—wrapped up in Sölden, Austria last week, with winners in seven categories taking home bragging rights at one of the season’s rowdiest events. Olympic-quality performances by top athletes, including Andri Ragettli, Jesper Tjäder, David Wise, James Woods and others, left fellow athletes and onlookers equally stunned at the unbelievable park sessions unfolding before them.

Highlights from the contest include a first-ever “SlopeX” course—a custom-designed slopestyle and skicross course—that pitted athletes from all disciplines together on one run; the loop obstacle also proved a hit as Jesper Tjäder completed the first ever switch loop on skis; the “Hammer Drop Start” earned well-deserved buzz from athletes and spectators; and, Fabian Bosch wowed the crowed—and the internet—with his enormous triple front flip superman over one of the course’s biggest jumps.

Footage from every angle of the event is just now surfacing, and we’ve gone ahead and compiled the best clips for you, below. Try and keep your jaw from hitting the floor as you’re about to witness freestyle skiing in its finest form.

GoPro Course Preview

Full Contest Highlights

SlopeX Battle

Jesper Tjäder Switch Loop

Andri Ragettli Top 2 Bottom

Andri Ragettli Double Hi-5

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