Movie Awards

Movie Awards

Best Movie Of The Year: PBP, Everyday Is A Saturday

Poor Boyz has been an industry leader in the game since there was a game to be in. PBP has once again produced a winner in Everyday is a Saturday by filming the freshest faces and showcasing the best talent. A whole slew of new riders, including versatile rookie Dane Tudor, urbanite
Nick Martini and backcountry bomber Charley Ager breathe life into the franchise, while legends and mainstays like Dumont, Hall, Schiller, Abma, Gagnier and Douglas ground the fi lm with unparalleled skiing. Never the company to take itself too seriously, PBP took a lighthearted approach to the film, a shift in gears from last year’s more serious offering, Reasons. Johnny Decesare and the PBP crew are no strangers to awards, which is why EDIAS taking Movie of the Year is no surprise.

2nd place: Refresh, L1P
3rd place: In Deep, MSP

Best Male Performance of the Year: Sean Pettit, In Deep, MSP

Sean Pettit has been hailed as the next big thing since he was a tween pro skier, and this year, his segment in In Deep lives up to the hype. Sean rips big lines and stomps bigger hucks, straddling the line between fearlessness and recklessness. Even at the tender age of 17, Sean is producing mind-blowing segments with the fervor and confi dence of a seasoned pro. With this year’s Best Male Performance in a Movie under his belt, we can’t wait to see what he produces nextOne word: bravo.

2nd Place: Tanner Hall, Re:Session, TGR
3rd place: Shane McConkey, In Deep, MSP

Best Female Performance of the Year: Ingrid Backstrom, In Deep, MSP

It’s no coincidence that the Female Skier of the Year would put up the best segment of the year, too. Ingrid’s name is so synonymous with fl ashing AK lines, we’ve almost forgotten how brilliant her skiing is. Fluid, poised, and precise, it’s like watching an animal in its natural habitat. Ingrid gives us the Best Female Performance in a Movie this year.

2nd place: Michelle Parker, In Deep, MSP
3rd place: Rachael Burks, Re:Session, TGR

Best Cinematography: In Deep, MSP

There are plenty of film companies that shoot amazing skiers in amazing scenery. Matchstick Productions elevates the game with their beautifully captured moving images in In Deep. More than the alluring shots themselves, this award is dedicated to the cinematographers who toil, struggle, freeze, injure, and generally exhaust themselves to bring the athletes and locations to life. Skilled and dedicated, the cinematographers have brought ski fi lmmaking to new heights. MSP’s lensmen have long been taking the craft of cinematography and elevating it to an art form, once again winning the award for Best Cinematography.

2nd Place: Re:Session, TGR
3rd place: E.D.I.A.S., PBP


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