More Ski Testing Action!

More Ski Testing Action!

Matt Walker does smooth rodeo 5s.

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Andrew Hathaway likes to do 180s as his setup trick. They’re natural.

This is the second jump in Keystone’s big line. Note how this jump is the essence of park jump perfection. We probably hit it about four hundred times on this particular day. That’s Digi Dave on the deck getting the shot. And that’s Andrew Hathaway doing a switch 5. NBD.

On the last day of the test, Henrik Lampert had the great idea of doing four-wide straight air tail grabs. It was one of the most fun shots to take ever, coming in hot on a 55 footer about five feet behind four other people. Everyone else in the park stopped to gawk.

Henrik likes to drift to the left when he does straight air tail grabs, so he launched right out of this shot. Sorry, dude. Your shadow is legendary, though.

It was Andrew Hathaway’s birthday, so Nicole brought a cake up, and Henrik Lampert took photos of the skiers getting face shots.

This photo is part one in a two-part lunch photo series.

This is part two.

Associate Editor Nicole Birkhold and Salomom Jenny Naftulin winning the look-a-like contest.

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