The Monster Ski Team Invades Park City for a pre-X Games Airbag Extravaganza

The Monster Ski Team Invades Park City for a pre-X Games Airbag Extravaganza

After the holiday break, the competition season is back in the full swing of things. With the X Games — arguably competitive freeskiing's biggest stage — just two weeks away (with one Winter Dew Tour hurdle in the way), athletes everywhere are no doubt training their hearts out. Learning new tricks, dialing long forgotten ones and working their way towards gold medal runs. 

But what about that one big trick? That cherry on top of the icing? That one new double that they're going to need to beat out the competition? Well, for the athletes of Monster Energy's team, they have an answer. Rather than break themselves off in icy pipes or on flat landing jumps, Monster has graciously set up an airbag session for members of it's team at Park City, UT. 


Today was day one of a long weekend that has been provided for these elite competitors to dial in the aforementioned tricks, whatever they may be. The morning was spent dialing in the airbag's position and "blowupfullness" (as Colby West aptly put) so that the weekend's sessions will be just right.

The morning was graced with sunlight, while the afternoon was milked over, but that didn't stop Colby West, Justin Dorey, Sarah Burke and Canadian coach Trennon Paynter from putting in a solid session, setting the tone for the weekend. Colby looked to be dialing his double cork 1260, Dorey his alley-oop double flatspin 720s and double cork 1260 blunts (and one 1440) while Sarah put in some work on her cork 540s and 900s. Trennon got in on the fun by throwing some nice and smooth double flips.


While  some athletes were testing out the airbag and its various levels of blowupfullness, the rest of the athletes situated themselves in Park City's world class 22-foot superpipe that opened last week or on a decent sized table top up above the airbag. Youngester Parker White and Jossi Wells were seen making a multitude of laps on the table. While a number of filmers and photographers are here to document, there was another temporary member to its ranks today. Jacob Wester, due to a classic mixup with his ski bag, put his world-class blogging skills to use today shooting video, snapping photos and talking camera shop like a regular media mogul.

But at the end of the day, the airbag is now dialed for a number of sessions to go down this weekend to allow for safe progression that we will no doubt witness at the X Games, if not earlier.If you're riding the Payday lift at Park City, look to your left, and you'll catch a glance of Justin Dorey boosting to the moon. More updates to come from this weekend, here in Park City.


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