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Monday Morning Wake Up Call

Another Monday, another set of videos to help alleviate the pain. It's a fairly small collection today, but it's a solid one:

For starters, we've got a little edit from our 2011 Park Ski Test at Breckenridge. We had an absolute blast this past week testing next year's sticks; if you haven't done so already, go have a gander at some of our photo galleries. And stay tuned, because we've got a full recap, a second highlight video, and a tram-load of product previews coming your way in the near future.

We've also posted some videos from Andreas Håtveit's Backyard Battle which went down this past week. If you haven't seen these already, then you're blowing it; the quality of the terrain park in Andy's backyard is, well, a laughing matter. You have to see it to believe it.

In addition to a couple of random ski vids that I stumbled upon, I've also included the first two episodes of Neature Walk. These were introduced to me a few weeks ago, and most everyone I've shared 'em with have gotten a good chuckle. It's spring now, after all, and it's the perfect time for you to get off the couch, and into "neature" to learn something new about your surroundings.

Make it a great day out there.

Have some videos that you think are worthy of an appearance in Monday Morning Wake Up Call? We want to see what you've got! Send your ideas to [email protected], or hit up @Freeskier on Twitter with the hashtag #MondayWakeUp.

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Highlight Video: Getting Extreme at the 2011 Park Ski Test at Breckenridge


2011 Backyard Battle Big Air Final Day 5 – 07.04.11

2011 Backyard Battle Rail Jam Finals Day 3 – 05.04.11


Dog A Hawk!

Ryan Halverson Jackson GoPro Edit by Ryan Halverson on Vimeo


Neature Walk Ep. 1

Neature Walk Ep. 2

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