Monday Morning Wake Up: 2010 Web Video Roundup

Monday Morning Wake Up: 2010 Web Video Roundup

It's back to work and school for many as the holidays have ended and 2011 is officially in full effect. Kick the holiday hangover with a dosage of some of our favorite videos, from 2010. Because if you can't go skiing, checking out the best edits from around the internet is the next best thing. 


Team Canada (TJ Schiller, Ian Cosco, Justin Dorey, Mike Clarke & Darren Rayner) took a whole new approach to making an edit for JOSS. Rather than ski porn that dominated the first two years, the team took a new approach, letting the editing, camaraderie and personalities of the team shine through. They ended up winning.

Team America (Simon Dumont, Tom Wallisch, Alex Schlopy, Josh Knox & AJ Dakoulas) put together the collection of bangers and off the hip humor that many thought should have won JOSS. An ensuing drama followed. But no matter what side you take, Team America made an edit for the ages.




After Tanner Hall's season (and a half) ending injury sustained while filming at Steven's Pass with TGR, many wondered how and if Tanner would come back to skiing. While this edit isn't as groundbreaking as Tanner's career, it looks as if he hasn't lost a step in doing what he loves most.


Big Air: Bobby Brown, switch double misty 1440. TJ Schiller, double cork 1620. Jossi Wells, switch double cork 1440. Enough said.

A new event at Winter X 14 (and the only one, as rumor mill says no pipe high air at Winter X 15), Superpipe high air pitted six skiers against each other, to see who could boost the highest. And local boy Peter Olenick's final attempt rocketed him a world record, 24 feet 11 inches in the Aspen sky. A little lost inthe air, Peter looked like Superman throughout his winning hit. His second highest air, 24 feet 1 inch, was enough to win, and a perfectly executed alley-oop flatspin 540.


Gus Kenworthy, the 2010 open contest killer, put out his season edit, making jaws drop around the industry. The precocious Telluride-native absolutely slaughtered in front of MSP lenses this year.

Matt Margetts (our December cover man) works hard. He skis hard with the Canadian halfpipe team, shreds hard for Voleurz lenses and works hard in the off season to support his skiing. Here is the fruits of his labor over the last three years.

We know it was 2009 (but it's a part of the 2010 season). Tom Wallisch's Ambitions of a Ridah edit confirmed what many already knew. Wallisch has one of the biggest bags of park tricks around. Even on early season small and medium kickers, Wallisch runs a train on left and right spins. It was a coming of times, as he won Euro X Slopestyle, the most technically demanding course of the year.

You don't see too many season edits coming out of the backcountry, but Callum Pettit shows why he's on top of the game (even with a mid-season injury).


15-year-old Jesper Tjader of Sweden has the technical ability of someone beyond his years. Most 15 year olds want to make out with the hot chick under the bleachers. Jesper films with the likes of Jon Olsson and Tom Wallisch for Field Productions.

Torin Yater-Wallace (14 for the video, now 15) will be louded as the next big pipe skier. For a discipline that is notoriously hard to get good at, Torin not only shows promise, but took 5th at the Breckenridge Dew Tour. Watch out pipe jocks, this 15-year-old is coming for you.

This little girl from Estonia is 9 years old. I repeat, 9. It's astounding how much promise Kelly Sildaru shows.

Willie Borm has been known for a while, but this year, the 13-year-old stepped up his game with double corks and gnarly urban to win TGRs inaugural Video Grom Contest. With backing of big sponsors, Willie's path has been set.


Count on Mike Wilson to go mountaineering to build a giant rope swing, then quad-gainer off it.

Plain old funny.

This guy needs to chill out. (lsfw, language)

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