Momentum Ski Camp Update

Momentum Ski Camp Update

As many of you know Canada offers many wonderful things. A few being ice hockey, poutine, Avrile Lavigne and of course Momentum Ski Camp. Each summer Momentum continues to offer a great set up where campers can progress in a safe environment with some of the best coaches in the world.

As session three started campers were greeted by less than perfect weather, but as the week progressed the skies cleared and the sun came out in full force. The warm weather made for some good times, soft landings, and plenty of sun bathing.

Along with the great weather, Momentum has a fantastic park with an abundance of fun features. From flat boxes to urban rails Momentum is sure to have almost every jib feature you can think of, as well as some of the best jumps on the glacier and an air bag. Thanks to Chris Turpin and the Momentum diggers each day campers and coaches arrive they get to shred a well-manicured park that is a guaranteed good time. “The park is so sweet, it’s not super intimidating or scary which makes it nice when you want to try new tricks” one camper noted.

Along with a great park Momentum has a stellar coaching staff comprised of pro skiers from around the globe. This session campers got pointers from Rory Bushfield, AJ Kemppainen, Corey Vanular, Mike Riddle, Justin Dorey, Sarah Burke, Ian Cosco, Colby West, Josh Bibby, and others. “The coaches at Momentum are awesome. Not only is it fun riding with them but they are always giving us advice on how to get better and learn new tricks” said another camper.

Along with getting advice from their favorite pros campers also got the chance to see them in action. Throughout the week the pros were throwing down on one of the glaciers bigger jumps located in the Momentum lane. A plethora of doubles and other aerial maneuvers were being thrown throughout the week. A few of the campers also stepped up and put on quite a show.

After a week of sun bathing and lots of skiing, Momentum session three is a wrap. Continue to follow what goes on at Momentum with weekly video updates and more at momentumskicamps.com.

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