Live Like Sam this Saturday

Live Like Sam this Saturday

This Saturday, October 10, marks the second annual Live Like Sam Day and FREESKIER wants to encourage everyone to participate. Getting involved means spreading kindness and reflecting on self-compassion, embodying the spirit of Sam Jackenthal, an an internationally ranked freeskier who tragically passed away in a skiing accident in 2015.

Sam embodied everything skiing should be, valuing compassion, teamwork and community, living with a vigor for good times on the mountain. In his memory, the Live Like Sam Foundation carries on a legacy of positivity, inclusiveness and kindness toward others.

Sam Jackenthal was a rising star in skiing.

“Live Like Sam Foundation is a nonprofit organization based in Park City that focuses on providing youth the resources they need to become emotionally, socially, and mentally fit to enter adulthood,” explained Live Like Sam representative Carly Severino. “What started as an organization created to honor the legacy of internationally ranked freeskiing champion, Sam Jackenthal, we have since expanded our mission to help provide educational programming and mental wellness initiatives for youth communities to develop a positive self-identity, life purpose, character, and connection to their community.”

What is Live Like Sam Day?

Live Like Sam operates on four core principles: community, athletics, responsibility and education, driving forces that instill self-confidence, self-compassion and supporting youth development. Through educational programs and events, the Live Like Sam community brings undeniably good energy into the world, helping ourselves and others become better people.

Getting involved can be as easy as cooking a meal or writing a letter to a friend, treating yourself to a beautiful hike or reflecting on the stressors in your life and recognizing you are not alone in your struggles. Simply said, kindness often makes an impact far bigger than we realize.

Sam Jackenthal (left) with his dad, Ron.

“This October 10 marks the second-annual Live Like Sam Day Celebration, a day created in partnership with the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team to honor Sam’s legacy of self-compassion and kindness towards others,” said Severino. “On this day (and every day) we encourage others to celebrate the day online by choosing a random act of kindness or act of self-compassion to perform and document their experience on social media using #LiveLikeSamDay.”

FREESKIER is proud to share the news about Live Like Sam Day, and we’ll be participating in our own communities this Saturday. We encourage you to do the same—everyone, especially right now, will benefit from your good vibes and unsolicited acts of kindness.

To participate in the Live Like Sam Day Celebration, use the hashtag #LiveLikeSamDay and document your experience performing an act of kindness or self-compassion.

Click here to learn more about the Live Like Sam Foundation.


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