Liberty Skis in Chile: Gettin’ What We Need

Liberty Skis in Chile: Gettin’ What We Need

The Rolling Stones, perhaps, said it the most eloquently. Or – at least – embedded the philosophy deeper into Western Civilization’s collective consciousness than any seer, preacher or sociologist could:

“You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need.”

Simple, yes. But a larger message about how life isn’t perfect, but still pretty damn good, all things considered.

Applicable, too, to our current state of affairs. Sure, we wanted 50cm of new snow, we wanted 20cm, or 30cm, something was nice and round about all of those numbers. They had a certain fundamental soundness to them (unlike, say, Fanny Mae’s mortgage lending practices).

However, what we got was what we needed: 10 cm of light, dry snow at the top of the peaks surrounding Valle Nevado. Combined with the creamy old snow from the last storm, it created a perfect layer cake of bliss.

We could tell you more. About how an epic all day tour on the ridges above Chile’s best resort led us to hidden lines tucked between towering rock walls, or how the sun sparkled off the high peaks of the Andes, views so breathtaking and beautiful that at times we’d stop, dead in our tracks, speechless. Or how the last hike – up the stairs to our hotel – was the most brutal part of the day. But why talk when a picture is worth a thousand words? Here’s a gem or two from another amazing day in Chile.

Details, Details:
You, too, can live the dream. Or at least get what you need at Valle Nevado:
Valle Nevado

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