Liberty Invades Chile

Liberty Invades Chile

The storms roll in hard and fast off the Atlantic, hitting the Andes with massive hammer blows of snow, ice and wind. Their power is such that even one week after the last storm here in Valle Nevado – a veritable island in the sky – there’s still fresh cream coating the mountains.

This resort, perched on a ridge so steep you’d think the hotels would slide off it into the abyss, is the ground zero of summer skiing. Other mountains might boast of more luxury (debatable), more “extreme” (also debatable) and more snow (this, too, is debatable), but none can combine the ease of access, the stunning sense of place or the terrain in the incomparable combonation that Valle serves off. Regardless of if this was planned or coincidence, the result is the same: our first run of our first full day on snow is takes us plunging down steep gullies filled with soft snow, untouched and untracked until we decide to drop in.

Liberty is here to work on a variety of projects. Images for catalogs and ads will be shot. But vino tinto will also be drunk. Some additional editorial content will be created and the journey will create its own stories of laughter, fear and freedom. We’ll be reporting from the heart of the Andes over the next week, so stay tuned.

Details, Details:
Want to learn more about how you can live the good life by skiing where Liberty’s pros go? Valle Nevado offers vacation packages for every budget and it’s close enough to Santiago that you can check out some of Chile’s amazing culture. Or just stay up there and ski your brains out:
Valle Nevado

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