Lauren Georgelos takes sexy back to skiing.

Lauren Georgelos takes sexy back to skiing.

Lauren Brings sexy back to skiing. In fact, she takes it all the way back to the original Lange Girl spirit. Remember the Lange Girl poster that boasted a busty rippin’ chick shredding the moguls in a yellow onesie with the saying “Keep your tips up!”? Well, she’s back, with all the advantages of the modern shred betty. So keep your tips up boys, ‘cause chances are Lauren will fly past you faster than you can say banana pants. Lauren boasts the epic Chugach Range as her home mountains where she takes big mountain skiing to a whole new level. Lauren represents Lange in all facets of the ski industry. She begins the season as a snowmaker which serves to get the mountain and her own body into ski shape. Once the mountain is ready she drives snowcat for the resort all night so that she can slay in or out of bounds lines all day. Lauren strikes out many a morning on her own snowmachine to rally in to big Alaska lines. Once Heli season hits she is off to Haines to begin guide training on some of the most dynamic terrain in the world. In these photos, we see Lauren enjoying a typical day as a skiing icon. Slipping into her sexy outfit for the day, she heads to the hill, anxious to play her role in the hearts of ski patrollers as their favorite powder hound. She rides the chair with them, probing them for their morning’s avalanche results. Leading the way, she heads for the top chutes of North Face, sliding up to the closed sign and giving it a little good morning kiss, for only she knows what that sign is about to become: a bright green shining light squealing “open” with sheer delight. Taking just a moment to pose with her favorite sign, Lauren blows a kiss to her followers (who can never catch her), drops in and hucks the first cliff, sailing out of the sight of the boys who stand drooling over her delicious line. After making quick work of Alaska’s steepest faces, Lauren heads home to slowly unwind, kicking her Lange boots up on her zebra striped pillow, savoring the sweet sweet afterglow of another day in the mountains. ~ Brooke Edwards (Number One Lauren wanna be)

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