LANGE girl.. should be a rippin skier

LANGE girl.. should be a rippin skier

hey everyone.. seems that there may be some confusion as to people thinking this is all about having sexy pictures, or that because you do post said sexy pictures that its not about skiing? hopefully every girl in this crew is all about skiing and lives, talks, eats and breaths skiing.. but its a little harder to tell that online.
so, i guess i feel like it should go without saying, but felt like saying anyways that this is how it is for me. skiing is my life. i wake up, eat, and live for it. posting pictures online doesnt really portray all this, but thats not what its about either.
its about the feeling of skinning bridger preseason waiting for snow, finally having the snow to drop the first cliff of the year, road trips to find the snow, and even going on the negative 20 degree days because you know in the summer you would give anything for a day on snow. there is absolutely no better feeling than winter coming up and totally encompassing you in it spreading a huge smile across your face for 5 months. my winter will be spend shreddin the big mountains and cold smoke of montana 6 days a week. otherwise i’ll be traveling all over the northwest and hopefully canada for filming and face shots. as i bring myself and stoke for skiing through the mountains i would love myself to represent lange as well.. so please vote for me and trust that once the snows flying ill be making big powder lines & cliff drops look even better than being almost naked posing with skis.

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