Lange Girl!

Lange Girl!

Hello there,
My name is Breahna, I go by Brea. I’m 19 years old and would absolutely love to be the next Lange Girl! I’m very athletic, my newest passion is acting and modeling, and I also enjoy going to church. My family means the world to me and I have extremely strong faith in God. I grew up in a small town in Michigan sledding down snow hills during the winter. But for the last two and a half years I have been living the busy life in Las Vegas, Nevada. I don’t get to see the beautiful-glittering snow that is absolutely breathtaking when it’s looked at, as much as I would like to since I live in Las Vegas. My cousins adore skiing and have even been across the world just to ski. So it is because of them that skiing is apart of my life.
God Bless.

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