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Kye Peterson and crew pioneer the unskied regions of British Columbia’s Costal Range in ‘The Sacred Grounds: Part One | Formation’

British Columbia’s Costal Range has become world renowned for several reasons; it’s diverse ecosystems, outdoor focused residents, easy access to recreation, and of course the unbelievable, ‘drop everything immediately and go ski’ type of snow that the area can receive. But the truth is that the snow is only half of what makes the skiing in these hallowed grounds so fantastic. These mountains, specifically the Sea to Sky corridor, roll their way through the surrounding forests and rivers, rising from dense green bases up into puffy white peaks. An array of cliffs, chutes, pillows, and practically any other type of terrain and feature you can imagine comprise the spectacular undulating faces that one can lay eyes on. Like anywhere on earth, the hill will dictate the rider, and there may not be any greater example of this than the talented Sea to Sky locals Kye Petersen, Callum Pettit, and Matty Richard.

These three BC marauders have been in the game for quite some time, and have become quite accustom to the mountains that they call home. Their silky smooth styles are clearly products of these massive canvas’s that they’ve gotten to explore and refine their talents within. That being said, when dealing with a range as expansive as this, areas tend to get passed by. After all, there’s only so much turf a person can cover. That brings us to the first episode of the new series, ‘The Sacred Grounds’, in which the triumvirate travel to a practically unexplored area of the Southern Costal Range. Getting scooped up in a helicopter from a remote lake cabin to ski heart stopping lines sounds like a dream, and for the most part, I’m sure that it is. But if this incredibly well composed film teaches anything, it’s that in environments like these, you need to be on your toes and with people you trust completely. While the views are breathtaking and the skiing can be immensely rewarding, these unforgiving mountains will take just as easily as they give.

The phenomenal camera work and narration provide for a refined look at what riding in these massive peaks can feel like; a mix of adrenaline, focus, anxiety, and passion all blended together into a smoothie of skiing that is all too easy on the eyes. Of course, I’ve never been to these spots or skied any of these lines, so I’ll hold my tongue and let Kye and the gang show you just exactly what it’s like. Often times the reality of discovering and realizing lines like these can be overshadowed in films, but part one of ‘The Sacred Grounds’ sets the tone for a series thats rooted in showing the people and choices that go into being able to ski in these locations. As its title suggests, ‘Formation’ outlines just how this type of poetry in motion comes to be. Seeing as this is only part one of the series, it’ll be nothing but a joy seeing where the series goes next.

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