The Kids concept: Riley Leboe checks in

The Kids concept: Riley Leboe checks in

After dropping a teaser at IF3 Montréal, the internet world is abuzz with The Kids. Who are they? What are they? While some details are still being locked down, we caught up with Riley Leboe—one of said Kids—to give us the rundown on what we can expect.


Freeskier: What is all the hubbub about The Kids? What is it exactly?

Riley Leboe: The Kids is a group of friends and skiers consisting of TJ Schiller, Josh Bibby, Joe Schuster, Ian Cosco, Mike Henitiuk, Sean Pettit, Rory Bushfield, Matt Margetts, Justin Dorey and myself. Over the course of the last year we've been throwing around ideas on how we can all ski together more often and do some cool things and we decided that a content-based website putting out a bunch of videos might be the best way to do that.

FS: Why are you calling it (and yourselves) The Kids? I think everyone is over 18. Isn't the legal age in Canada 16, anyway?

RL: [laughs] I think it may be 14 in some provinces… but we decided on The Kids because it describes us pretty well. None of us take ourselves very seriously and we want the project to reflect that and be fun.

FS: So how much fun are we talking? Chug Life fun? Or Nimbus fun?

RL: I don't think we're going to go all the way to Chug Life fun. That was one thing Chug was worried about and we're not destroying or replacing Chug Life with this. I'd say it'll be somewhere in the middle. There will be lots of ski edits, and we have some big trips planned but there are a lot of lifestyle edits of skating, surfing, etc. with a bit of partying mixed in.


FS: With regards to the teaser at IF3, can you tell me more about what we'll see in the first edit?

RL: I guess we haven't fully decided on what the first edit will be. We won't be releasing the footage from the teaser shoot for a little while but we have a lot of footage from the glacier this summer and unreleased footage from last winter. So the first videos will be from last winter and this summer.

FS: Will all of you guys be committing 100-percent of your winter to The Kids? Or will you still film with PBP, Pettit with MSP, etc.?

RL: We will all still be filming with the companies we have in the past. But we have decided to dedicate enough time to this to make it a success, put out some really kickass edits, and set up some bigger trips with our crew.

FS: Would you say you guys are emulating more of a Francis Ford Coppoloa vibe or Martin Scorcese?

RL: Wow, comparing two heavy hitters, although Godfather was one of the best movies, I think some of the humor Martin Scorcese adds to his work would describe us better.

FS: When can we expect the first of The Kids edits to drop? And will there be a set schedule throughout the winter?

RL: We are just doing some final bug testing on the site making sure everything is nailed down so it should be as soon as next week. As for a set schedule, we are going to be updating it constantly. The first couple months it will be a good mix of shredding and fun and as soon as the snow starts flying we'll be dropping some hammers.

Check The Kids Concept Dot Com all winter for the goods. And follow them on Twitter, @TheKidsConcept for instant gratification under 140 characters.

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