Keep Your Hands Warms, Enter the Dakine Contest

Keep Your Hands Warms, Enter the Dakine Contest

While cleaning off my snow-covered car this morning, I realized that my hands were awfully cold as I was not wearing gloves (you see, every season I manage to lose at least two pairs of gloves). Ironically enough, I’m also skilled at breaking snow-scrapers every season, so I was without one of those as well. I had to resort to my bare hands to get the job done.

Suddenly, I began to imagine what it might be like if I had a pair of warm gloves on and how my morning might have been different. Who knows!? Perhaps I might have been able to feel my hands or even have had some kind of dexterity in my fingers for the remainder of the day so that I could type this little anecdote with little to no pain. Had I been the proud owner of some brand new, and did I mention FREE, Dakine GORE-TEX gloves, my day at the Freeskier office would have been abundant with cheer and even excitement.

Luckily for you, there’s still hope that you might be able to keep your hands toasty and dry this winter, and as an added bonus, also make sure that those oh-so-important extremities look sexy and powerful gripping those poles. I have a feeling the ladies might be into it.

For the next month or so, Dakine will continue to give away a pair of their Method Series Stingray GORE-TEX gloves every week. Basically they’re giving them away like candy, and if you’re not in the mood for some sugar, well you should be! Only a crazy person would neglect from entering this competition. How can you lose with free gloves? News flash, you can’t.

So, sign up and stay warm…your hands will thank you later

Head over to community.freeskier.com/contests/dakine/ before mid-January and make sure that your hands feel appreciated and even, dare I say, fashionable.

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