Kaya Turski Wins Winter Dew Tour Slopestyle and Dew Cup

Kaya Turski Wins Winter Dew Tour Slopestyle and Dew Cup


Women's slopestyle podium (l-r): Anna Segal, Kaya Turski, Devin Logan

The indomitable Kaya Turski has done it again, winning the slopestyle at the Winter Dew Tour stop in Snowbasin, Utah. This marks her third straight victory this season, the prior wins coming at Winter X Games in Aspen and the Killington stop of the Winter Dew Tour. With her two wins at the Winter Dew Tour this year, she claimed the slopestyle Dew Cup, the first of her career. "It felt really awesome to hold on to the lead and win the Dew Cup,” said Turski. “All the girls are really skiing very well these days. The level is definitely being pushed. It's really exciting when you're up there dropping in. You know you have to bring your A-game."

Taking her second podium of the season was Australia's Anna Segal, which was her first Dew Tour final result of the season. And ending up third was Devin Logan, last night's superpipe winner, who fell just short of winning her second Dew Cup this weekend, finishing 28 points behind Kaya.


Emilia Wint mid 720

Since the Snowbasin slopestyle course is three-fifths rail options, that's where Kaya directer her attention today to wrangle the in from the other ladies. She kicked things off with a switch 270 to back switch up on the flat-down box. She followed up with another back switch up on the up-down rail into a back 450 off the cannon. She then threw picture perfect switch 720s and switch 540s on the jumps, both runs. While she had a victory lap for her second run, she managed to up her score slightly.

Anna Segal couldn't quite manage Kaya's switch up game up top, but still held her own. What was really impressive in Anna's run today was back-to-back 720s on the jumps, one left and one right. Devin Logan, en route to grabbing her second podium of the weekend, utilized her switch 540 to corked 720 tail to her advantage. However in attempt to upgrade her score on the second run, she crashed her 900 attempt on the final hit.


Anna Segal

Youngster Emilia Wint—who finished third at Killington—was a decent margin behind the podium, mostly due to her lack of rail trickery. While the top three were spinning and dancing their way down the rails, Emilia just slid them. However her switch 540 mute to 720 mute were well grabbed and landed. Like Logan, she attempted a 900 on her second run, but went down. Ashley Battersby rounded out the women's final, putting a couple switch 900s to her feet today, but she didn't have the whole run like Turski.

The women put on a show for the Utah crowd today, but ultimately it was the Kaya Turski show. She was both the alpha and the omega of the contest today, handily winning and taking down the Dew Cup in the process. Logan managed yet another double podium this weekend and newcomer Emilia Wint snagged a top three Dew Cup overall standing. This wraps up the Dew Tour for the women.


Women’s Slopestyle Final Results:

1_ Kaya Turski – 93.75
2_ Anna Segal – 90.75
3_ Devin Logan – 89.00
4_ Emilia Wint – 82.00
5_ Keri Herman – 77.00
6_ Ashley Battersby – 71.75

Women's Final Dew Cup Standings:
1_ Kaya Turski – 200
2_ Devin Logan – 172
3_ Emilia Wint – 158
4_ Keri Herman – 136
5_ Dara Howell – 132
6_ Ashley Battersby – 128
7_ Emma Dahlstrom – 124
8_ Eveline Bhend – 113
9_ Rose Battersby – 93
10_ Anna Segal – 90

The women's AFP slopestyle standings have a stranglehold on it by Devin Logan and Rose Battersby, the current one-two place holders. But that's mostly by virtue of them having five results, and most of the rest of the top 10 having only three results (or four in Dara Howell's case). With only minor shuffling this week, the rest of the top five are Kaya Turski, Dara Howell and Keri Herman. With a lot of events to come and big points to be earned, the ladies should see some significant shifting inthe upcoming months. For the full standings, visit the AFP Women's Slopestlye rankings page.


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