Justin Dorey wins Dew Tour superpipe final at Breck, B. Wells and Riddle round out podium

Justin Dorey wins Dew Tour superpipe final at Breck, B. Wells and Riddle round out podium

Following an exciting women’s superpipe final—which saw Brita Sigourney walk away victorious—the men had a go at Breck’s 22′ stunt ditch. 10 athletes advanced through Thursday’s semifinal for a shot at competing today. The boys had two chances to stomp a run—best run counts—and boy-oh-boy did they put on a show.

Finishing in third place today was Mike Riddle, the top finisher in semifinals, and winner of last weekend’s The North Face Park and Pipe Open halfpipe event at Copper. Riddle earned an 88.50 on his first run, which consisted of a double cork 12 mute up top, a right 9, left 9, alley-oop flat 3 and back-to-back switch 9s. Riddle has been skiing tremendously well of late, going big, grabbing hard, and tranny finding like a champ. It was surprising to see him go down on his second run—as he was looking to up his game—but heck, he’s human after all.

In second place today was none other than Kiwi-star Byron “Bryan” Wells. Wells exploded out of gate on his first run, opening with a beautiful switch 10 tail, and following up with a rightside 9, massive double cork 12, alley-oop flat 5 and a big ol’ 1080 to close ‘er out. Luke Van Valin, commentator for NBC Sports Net, said it was the best run he’d ever seen Byron stomp in competition. And I couldn’t agree more. Huge, ultra smooth and mighty tech. Good on ya’, mate.

Taking the top spot today, and walking away with the coveted Dew Cup, was Mr. Justin Dorey. Justin’s first run consisted of a massive rightside dub cork 12, a 900, air-to-fakie, switch 7, alley-oop flat 5, and a left double cork 12. Dorey boosted huge throughout the run, held his grabs like there was no tomorrow and skied extremely cleanly through the transitions. It was one of the best halfpipe runs I’ve bared witness to, and I’m confident in saying many others felt the same. Dorey slid his way into the finish corral to a solid roar of approval.

On Dorey’s second run he flailed on his air-to-fakie, resulting in an apparent arm injury. Dorey skied immediately to the bottom of the pipe and collapsed to the ground. It turned out Dorey had dislocated his shoulder, and being the champ that he is (pun intended) he popped that sucker right back into place before the medical staff even had a chance to tend to him. Well done, J-Bone.

Canadian Team Coach Trennon Paynter had much to be proud of today, as two of his athletes landed on the podium. “I feel super, ultra, mega stoked, because there’s nothing I like more than watching good people who work hard get rewarded for it, and that’s exactly what happened here today.”

Other noteworthy performances today came from Taylor Seaton, who is skiing with a smooth-flowing style, reminiscent of Duncan Adams’ amazing runs at Dew Tour one year ago; Kevin Rolland, who would have certainly made a strong bid for a podium spot were it not for a slight hand drag on the landing of the final hit of his second run (which consisted of a double flip, alley-oop flat 3, switch left 9, switch right 7, double cork 12 and opposite way double flip—all huge) and Tanner Hall who’s looking strong heading into the rest of the season.

Checking in with the top three finishers, Dew Tour men’s superpipe final at Breck (12/14/12). In order of appearance: Mike Riddle, Byron Wells and Justin Dorey.

Stay tuned this weekend as we’ll continue to bring you the best coverage of Dew Tour. Keep tabs on our Instagram feed for behind-the-scenes snapshots. Tomorrow brings slopestyle semifinals for both the men and women. For a daily event schedule, plus a listing of TV broadcast times, follow this link.

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Dew Tour Men’s Superpipe Final Results

1. Justin Dorey — 93.50
2. Byron Wells — 90.25
3. Mike Riddle — 88.50
4. Kevin Rolland — 85.50
5. David Wise — 85.00
6. Tanner Hall — 83.75
7. Ben Valentin — 83.00
8. Taylor Seaton — 76.75
9. Matt Margetts — 74.25
10. Thomas Krief — 38.75

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