Julian Carr at Mica Heli

Julian Carr at Mica Heli

I awoke on New Years Day at Snowbird Utah at 630 am to get early tram on an epic blue sky deep day in utah. That night I got word I needed to head up to Mica Creek the next day. I booked a ticket, that night I was staying up at Snowbird and had to make it to Brighton ski resort the next morning, I didn’t have a car and had to make it over to Big Cottonwood Canyon. I awoke early at Snowbird, took the bus up to Alta, took first chair over to another chair. Then hiked out of bounds and over a peak and through a valley until I was at Brighton. Took care of some work there then bombed down the canyon in a car my friend lended me. Got home, packed, did the errands. Sped to the airport. Landed in Kelowna British Columbia at 11pm. Slept in a hotel from midnight til 330am. Drove 5 hours to the heli pick up on the side of a logging road 2 hours out of Revelstoke. It was snowing for the majority of the drive and there was no phone reception. Kinda gnarly. I got to the heli pick up 10 minutes late. No sign of the heli. I got some much needed shut eye in the car then awoke the sound of a chopper coming in from the fog. The Heli lands right next to my truck and within the hour I am skiing waist deep blower pow – 4000 vert with my friends. The lodge is pimp, the food was sooo good. Beers tasted excellent. And so on.

Mica Rules.

Julian Carr

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