Jon Olsson Super Sessions Day 4

Jon Olsson Super Sessions Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of the Jon Olsson Super Sessions, currently here in Trysil, Norway. After a marathon day of jumping and filming yesterday, the crews took a lazier morning, as Trysil was clouded over, the sky turned from yesterday’s bluebird, to today’s milkbird. But the teams graciously took some down time to rest and wave surf, but were soon chomping at the bit to hit some features again.

Yesterday was a sunrise shoot on the ‘Trick Buster,’ so it’s only fitting that we head to the other end of the spectrum and shoot at night on said feature. The jump was groomed and ready to go, as the the light rapidly faded and filmers scrambled around with dollies, steady-cams and tripods. T-bar laps made for a solid 3 hours of ski porn, with a small crowd of admirers braving the cold to see the action first hand.

More dubs went down, from the likes of Jon Olsson, Jacob Wester, Tom Wallisch, Henrik Harlaut, TJ Schiller and IanCosco.ca. Jon HÃ¥tveit was back in the paraglider, shooting Team Norway from the skies, narrowly missing spectators, trees and landing in a rail garden… every time. Jon Olsson took the camera for some laps and smoothly followed teammate Jacob Wester. Team USA [Symms and West] were having a helmet-cam party while Team America got dirty on the jump, dropping trick after trick like it’s their job. Team Down Under [Henshaw and Wells] blunted and spun their way into a successful evening.

With every team getting shots in the bag and the weather forecast in Trysil not looking too promising, the teams will most likely be looking for nearby jibs and then night-sessioning the Trick Buster.

Stay tuned for more updates as JOSS in Trysil continues throughout the week. And remember, Sweet Rumble Big Air goes off this weekend in Trysil.

Check out JOSupersessions.com and Jon-Olsson.com for video updates of all the happenings here.

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