Jon Olsson Super Sessions Day 2 [video]

Jon Olsson Super Sessions Day 2 [video]

JOSS – Day 2 / The Comviq JOI jump Session from Jon Olsson Video Blog on Vimeo.

Day 2 (or more accurately, evening 2) went off here in Ã…re, Sweden. Jon unveiled his massive step-down or “The Trick Buster” on the boys today. With a narrow, giant wedge and a big step down drop, the jump looked mean and ready to be slaughtered. So as the wind died down, the sun started to dip and cameras rolled, the guys got it on.

As per the norm now, doubles went down in fairly quick fashion, starting with Andreas HÃ¥tveit and then Jon Olsson, Russ Henshaw, LJ Strenio, Elias Ambuhl and others follow suit. With a ton of hangtime, grabs were dialed in and dreams were made true in the air tonight. Basically soaring over the town, the JOSS competitors put on a show for the small crowd of die-hards and the small army of cines and photogs that are here to capture all the glory moments.

Alex Schlopy, Gus Kenworthy, Aleksander Aurdal, LJ Strenio and the other youngsters pulled their weight dropping switch bombs and smooth floaters in manners that would be mistaken for pros. The vets of the group like Simon Dumont, Andreas HÃ¥tveit, Jossi Wells, and Tom Wallisch put on a virtual freeskiing smorgasbord for all to feast on. Even the namesake of the event, Mr. Jon Olsson joined the fun, throwing smooth switch 540 and big double 1080s, outlasting all competitors, as he took the last drop.

As the light faded away and the golden rays were snuffed out by the mountains, another successful day has been had here at the Jon Olsson Super Sessions. Check out all the photos, the riders need your love.

For more information and daily video blogs visit Jon Olsson’s Site and the Jon Olsson Super Session Blog.

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