Jen Hudak Wins Euro X Games Women’s Superpipe

Jen Hudak Wins Euro X Games Women’s Superpipe

The last official event for skiers at European X Games was the Women’s Superpipe. The ladies had a picture perfect stunt ditch in which to showcase their wares. And when it was all said and done, Jen Hudak stood atop the rest, with Roz G bumping up her bronze in Aspen to a silver here in Tignes and Anais Caradeux took the bronze in front of her home country crowd.

Hudak took the same run in Aspen and took it straight to the bank here in Tignes. 900, alley oop, 540, alley oop 540, straight airs and a 720 was what it took. Roz G, who boosted the highest airs of the afternoon used that amplitude in conjunction with a 900, right and left 540s and a switch right 540 to grab that cash money. Anais Caradeux, who had a crazy amount of fans in the crowd, dropped a 900, both 540s and 720 at the bottom to claim her bronze medal.

Virginie Faivre was a ball of energy in the pipe, spinning 540s on both walls, an air to fakie and a switch alley oop 720. Dania Assaly stole the show with her riding and her dancing in the corral. She stomped a 900 as well, both 540s and a pretty damn good 720 at the bottom to grab 5th.

Sarah Burke, who didn’t land a clean run, had the makings for a good one and the ladies should watch out at future events. She landed all the tricks throughout her three runs, just not all in the same one: 900, alley oop, 540, straight air and back to back flairs. Mirjam Jaeger dropped 540s and aalley oop 540s, but her smaller amplitude kept her out of the top spots. And Megan Gunning, who took silver in Aspen, couldn’t quite land a clean run as well, but a hint at her 1080 was shown tonight. But props to her as she had Tonsilitis last night and was throwing up, as competing was probably not the most favorite thing on her mind.

The women’s event marks the official end of competition for the athletes. Goodbye Tignes.

Women’s Final Superpipe Results:
1) Jen Hudak
2) Roz Groenewoud
3) Anais Caradeux
4) Virginie Faivre
5) Dania Assaly
6) Sarah Burke
7) Mirjam Jaeger
8) Megan Gunning

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