Jackson Hole Passes Five Hundy!

Jackson Hole Passes Five Hundy!


Sometime around 2:30 this afternoon, the season's 500th inch of snow fell on the upper reaches of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. With 16" of snow plummeting from the sky between 6:30 and 2:30, the day was marked by many face shots. However, the 500th inch somehow seemed to make the rooster tails arc impossibly higher into the sky. And it's just gonna keep getting better.

With this much snow on the ground and more in the forecast, it's looking like the final two weeks of the lift-served season on the eastern side of the Tetons are going to be pretty epic to say the least. In addition to ridiculous amounts of snow, JH is serving up their annual Mountain Festival headlined by Katchafire this weekend. After that show is done on Saturday night, you have just one week left to ride the Big Red tram before this season is in the books.

Need to fly to JH? If you book quick, you can still snag some sweet fly/ski packages.

Not sold yet? We're gonna leave you with two choice edits from in and around Jackson Hole Mountain Resort this week – hike up your grippers for the first one with Cam Ciccone skiing the highly exposed Igneous Rocks on Cody Peak. The second is another excellent fun, burly edit from  Andrew Whiteford.

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