I want my own Pro-hoes..

I want my own Pro-hoes..

I’m tired of going to events like IF3 and watching big names snatch up all the bitties around… This contest would help me earn the street-cred that it takes to get laid once in a while. PIus have been repping Agents for the last 2 years so I know that Tecnica is whats up. NOT Salomon SPK’s like every other kid in the park.. the Agent provides me with a more centered and comfortable stance that lets me pop, spin and grip with more accuracy and precision.

My mission? To feel good everyday and do everything with the most style possible.

My choice to switch to skiing has led me on a crazy path of experiences. From getting kicked out of ski academy to 60 days in the utah desert lockdown camp to coaching at Windells, I don’t regret a minute of it.

Nothing gets me more stoked on life than shreding park on a warm sunny day with my friends. Most of the time it’s -10 degrees ice skating around here but it’s always better than not skiing.
This winter we will be producing a short “banger-only” video with 617 Media. All of us involved have the same vision that emphasizes style and quality of shot over anything else. It’s an art form. With two DVX’s, a crane and dollys, we realize what it takes to produce “Life & Times.”

When this is all over one day, I want to be able to sit down, pop in that DVD and show anyone, even someone who doesn’t ski what I put my mind to and accomplished.

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