Here and Now: World Record Jean Ski with Pit Viper and Montucky Cold Snacks


This past Saturday, February 15, 2020, was a beautiful Colorado blue-jean day for dozens upon dozens of skiers to gather in their best denim at Arapahoe Basin. With the intention of setting the world record for the most jean skiers in one place—technically, there’s never been an official record— Spencer Harkins of Pit Viper set the tone of day early, adding more skiers in their dungarees to his ridiculous crew every run. By 2 p.m., 80 denim-clad two-plankers came in their jeans to the top of the beloved Pallavicini lift to wiggle and giggle down Grizzly Road to Ramrod. A sea of denim, neon and perma-smiles overflowed The Beach at the independent ski area, epitomizing the fun-loving spirit of skiing. Following the on-slope shenanigans, the party migrated over to RMU in Breckenridge for Cold Snack deals from Montucky and a roarin’ aprés to cap off the outrageous, record-breaking day.

Party ski through the park. PHOTO: Ian Zinner / Arapahoe Basin
Threading the needle through the Steep Gullies. PHOTO: James Adamson
Sun’s out, tongues out! PHOTO: James Adamson
Who came in their jeans!? PHOTO: James Adamson
Dave Bottomley keepin’ it loose. PHOTO: Ian Zinner / Arapahoe Basin
Dropping! PHOTO: Ian Zinner / Arapahoe Basin
This guy’s comin’ for ya! PHOTO: Ian Zinner / Arapahoe Basin
Those who come in their jeans together, stick together. PHOTO: Ian Zinner / Arapahoe Basin
Pit Viper’s Spencer Harkins setting the stoke. PHOTO: Ian Zinner / Arapahoe Basin
They’re coming! PHOTO: James Adamson
Blake Pedersen spreading them wide. PHOTO: James Adamson
A few of the best-dressed jean skiers. PHOTO: Ian Zinner / Arapahoe Basin
No such thing as too much denim. PHOTO: James Adamson
This guy definitely came in his jeans. PHOTO: James Adamson