Glacier Update: Camp of Champions

Glacier Update: Camp of Champions

COC is absolutely going off. Take a look at the photos, their lane is massive and jam packed with more features than you can shake a stick at. No matter what skill level you’re at, there is something to entertain you up on the glacier. Enough about that for now, let’s run you through a typical day here at Whistler for a COC camper.

First up, you explode out of bed. Why? Because sleeping in is not an option. COC runs a tight ship and you’ve got to be finished with breakfast at 9:00 AM unless you don’t get a ticket. Make no mistake, you’re here to ride. On your way out of breakfast you don’t just grab a lift ticket, you’ve got to prove you’re worthy. This morning campers had to throw down dance moves for COC owner Ken Achenbach. No dance moves, no ticket. Fortunately COC campers came armed with their A-game and threw down a flurry of moves including the sprinkler, cabbage patch, running man and even the worm.

After getting your grub and dance on its three lift uploads and a bus ride on Blackcomb to get to the glacier. Upon arrival to COC’s lane you are greeted with the largest private lane on the glacier jam packed with a halfpipe, rail lane, hip and a wide array of jumps to satisfy all skill levels. Sprinkle on some direction and assistance from COC’s many coaches and you’ve got one hell of a recipe for stepping up your game. This summer their star studded lineup includes Chris Turpin, Steele Spence, Luke VanValin, Lindsay Dyer and more! While making your way through the lane it isn’t odd to see Tanner, C.R. and Anthony Boronowski perfecting their moves on COC’s many features, after-all this is where the pros go to work on their moves.

After a day of working on your current bag of tricks and learning new ones with the help of COC’s coaches you head back down to the village, but that doesn’t mean you sit idle till the next day. COC offers plenty to do at night, including zip-lining, water ramping, soccer, movie night and other activities to keep you going off the hill. No boring arts and crafts here. If you happen to have access to a computer or have brought your own you can check out COC’s website, each night they upload a fresh batch of photos from the days session, send mom and dad a link to your photo, it sure beats a postcard.

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