[GIVEAWAY] Enter for the chance to win a Tracker4 Rescue Package from Backcountry Access

[GIVEAWAY] Enter for the chance to win a Tracker4 Rescue Package from Backcountry Access

Win a Tracker4 Rescue Package from Backcountry Access!

We’re kicking off our annual Safety Week presented by Backcountry Access. Buckle up for a week full of educational backcountry content including Q&As, How-Tos and chats with the experts on the best practices to follow to keep yourself and your crew safe out on all your backcountry adventures this winter. Starting today, get ready to follow on along on our social channels and website for daily updates.

To launch things off right, enter the official FREESKIER Safety Week BCA Sweepstakes via the link above, for the chance to win a Tracker4 Rescue Package which includes a Tracker4 Beacon with harness, Dozer 1T shovel and a Stealth 300 probe. With all the key elements to a safe excursion in avalanche terrain, this package is the perfect prize for those looking to gear up for their first backcountry experience as well as experienced backcountry travelers in need of replacing their old outdated equipment. Enter by December 19 for the chance to win!

Tracker4 Rescue Package

After getting avalanche rescue and safety training—the first priority if you want to ski in the backcountry—having top-of-the-line gear is the next most important safety measure. BCA’s most advanced rescue package includes a Tracker4 beacon with harness, Dozer 1T avalanche shovel and quick-deploying Stealth 300 avalanche probe. Keep reading for a closer look at each product.

Tracker4 Beacon

The Tracker avalanche transceivers earned their position as BCA’s signature product by being rated the fastest and most easy-to-use beacon in the industry, but the Tracker4 takes it one step further. Its light and easy composition, along with a rubberized over-molded case, large LED display and the same trusted interface as the original Tracker makes this beacon a must-have when you’re seeking peace of mind, knowing that you have one of the best products on the market to find your companions if tragedy strikes.

Product Highlights:

  • Bombproof industrial design with rubberized over-molding
  • Instantaneous real-time LED distance and direction display
  • Upgradable software to optimize performance
  • Motion-sensing auto revert-to-transmit mode—so you go back to transmit mode if buried while searching

Dozer 1T Shovel

The Dozer 1T is BCA’s most popular size avalanche shovel, made for the masses. All of BCA’s new Dozer shovels feature ovo-concave shafts and low-profile, “stompable” blades. The front third of the shovel blade offers a smooth surface for clean snowpit walls during snow stability tests. With BCA’s flat “stomp edge” on the blade, you can penetrate just about anything by adding body weight. Auto-engaging spring pins at the blade/shaft connection make for faster, hands-free assembly/deployment. BCA shovels lie flat in your pack with no protruding ferrule or “neck,” leaving more room for other backcountry gear. All BCA extendable shovels are designed to meet the UIAA standard for avalanche rescue shovels.

Stealth 300 Probe

The Stealth 300 avalanche probe features the easiest and fastest assembly on the market, with no loose cable to cause hangups. The top segment stealthfully nests inside the next probe section, reducing the number of segments and size of the probe bundle when disassembled in your pack. Equipped with laser-etched depth markings for measuring snowpack and/or victim depth to determine the dimensions of the excavation area before shoveling. BCA’s Quick-Lock hardware allows for the best packability and deployment speed on the market. Stealth probes are built to last and save valuable seconds during an avalanche rescue when time matters.

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