[Gallery] Next year’s skis, as seen at the 18th Annual FREESKIERFEST

[Gallery] Next year’s skis, as seen at the 18th Annual FREESKIERFEST

When FREESKIER staffers and more than 30 ski testers converged on Aspen, Colorado, for the 2020 FREESKIER Ski Test presented by Dragon, The Ski Monster, Aspen Snowmass, Darn Tough Vermont and The W Aspen Hotel, there was one goal: to rank and review the best skis going on sale next fall, which we’ll feature in our annual Buyer’s Guide, dropping in September 2020. This year, FREESKIERFEST brought hundreds of pairs of skis from the best brands in skiing to the top of Aspen Mountain to be tried and tested by the best in the biz. For now, though, we wanted to provide a sneak peek at some of the skis that we had on-site. Keep scrolling to see a gallery featuring next year’s best skis and some of the amazing brand reps that hauled ’em all they way here. The only question remaining: Which skis are at the top of your list heading into the fall?

Note: Skis featured here do not represent the full breadth of products on-site.

Photography by Donny O’Neill


4FRNT’s Sam Kimmerle with the MSP CC and Devastator.


Maks Gorham, Dan Villaire and Pat Goodnough, showing off the Declivity 102Ti, WhiteWalker, Declivity 92Ti and Stranger skis.


Atomic’s Steve Brown showing off the Bent Chelter 120, Bent Chetler 100 and Backland 98 W.

Black Crows

Black Crows’ Mikey Hovey with the Justis, Camox Birdie, Anima and Atris.


Blizzard’s Frank Shine holding the Cochise 106, Bonafide 97 and Black Pearl 97.


Decathlon’s Lucas Harris with the Pow Chaser 115, Patrol 95 W and Patrol 95.


DPS’ Alex Hunt and Piers Solomon with the Pagoda Piste 94 C2, Alchemist Wailer 100 RP and Pagoda Piste 100 C2.


Dynastar’s Matt Beers and the M-Pro 99 and the M-Free 108.


Elan’s Ben Fresco showing off the Ripstick 102W and Ripstick 106.


Faction’s Henrik Lampert and the CT 2.0, Dictator 2.0, Agent 4.0, Agent 3.0, Agent 2.0X, Prodigy 3.0X and Prodigy 3.0.


Fischer’s Brian Landrigan and the Ranger 92 Ti, Ranger 99 Ti and Ranger 94 FR.


Folsom’s Max Tabor with the Spar 88, Primary and TRNTEK.


HEAD’s Sam Blethen holding the KORE 93 W, KORE 99, KORE 93 and KORE 99 W.


Icelantic’s Ashley Hart with the Nomad 105, Saba Pro 117 and Nia Pro 105.

J Skis

J Skis’ Taylor Bibaud and Jason Levinthal (and Bob Ross) with the Vacation, AllPlay, HotShot and Slacker.


K2’s Matt Miller with the Reckoner 122, 112 and 102.


The Kästle MX 88, MX 98 and ZX 108.

Lib Tech

The Lib Tech Women’s Libstick 88, Kook Stick and UFO 105.


Liberty’s Colin Sutherland with the Genesis 96, Evolv 100 and Evolv 90.


Line’s Connor Clayton and the Blade and Sakana.


Nordica’s Pearson Neal with the Enforcer 100 and Santa Ana 104 Free.


Renoun’s Evan Williams with the Earhart 88 and Endurance 98.


Rossignol’s Matt Beers with the BlackOps W Rallybird TI, BlackOps W Stargazer and BlackOps HolyShred.


Salomon’s Thomas Colliac, Madeline Fones and Jason Colbourne with the QST 106, QST Lumen 99, QST Stella 106, Stance 94, QST 92 and Stance 96.


Völkl’s Geoff Curtis with the Blaze 106 and Blaze 94.