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G3 University: What gives skis character?

G3 University: What gives skis character?

Featured Image: Reuben Krabbe

Beginning as a gear manufacturer for backcountry guides, producing high-quality skis, snowboards and avalanche safety accessories, G3 Genuine Gear Gear has earned itself a well-deserved place amongst the best equipment providers in the industry. Today, the Vancouver-based brand extends its expansive understanding of gear to backcountry enthusiasts worldwide by offering a catalog of online instructional videos under the title of G3 University. Explaining everything from ski shapes to hut trip life hacks, G3 employs engineers, athletes, professional guide partners and testers in order to create the highest-level backcountry-specific educational possible.

The backcountry lifestyle is traditionally passed along from one user to another but G3U is an open platform where any and all backcountry travelers can gain knowledge, better their skills and enhance their backcountry experience from outside their circle of touring partners. Nothing in G3U is meant to replace proper backcountry training and education in the field with professional instructors. Rather, G3U is meant to wet your appetite and get you excited about your next level of training.

Skis should facilitate fun. A playful backcountry ski floats well in the powder, quickly initiates in a turn, holds an edge on ice and smears like butter on a pancake. Finding the right balance of these characteristics makes for a great skiing experience and, inevitably, more fun out in the mountains. Take a moment and scroll through the G3 University videos below to learn more about what makes a ski actually ski the way it does.



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