Freeskier and Level 1 Partner to Bring You Superunknown VIII

Freeskier and Level 1 Partner to Bring You Superunknown VIII

Freeskier Presents Superunknown VIII by Level 1 Productions

It was the first video talent-search in skiing, and it continues to remain the largest and most prestigious. Since its inception, the Level 1 Productions Superunknown contest has captivated ski fanatics around the globe. Responsible for bringing some of the biggest names in our sport to the spotlight (Tom Wallisch, to name one), Superunknown has earned its spot as a major staple of the freeskiing community.

We are pleased to announce today that we are partnering with Level 1 to bring you the 2011 Superunknown VIII videos exclusively to Freeskier.com. Last year, the event drew more than 100 video submissions from aspiring athletes. 15 different countries were represented in the mix, and now in its 8th year, you can expect the trend to continue.

Level 1 founder and owner, Josh Berman, had this to say about the new partnership:

" It's crazy to see how much of an impact the Superunknown contest has made over the past eight years. So many of the top athletes in the game have passed through it – winners, finalists, and honorable mentions alike. Corey Vanular, Tim Durtschi, Ahmet Dadali, Ian Cosco, Mike Hornbeck, Mike Riddle, Nick Martini, and some kid named Tom Wallisch all cut their teeth in past Superunknown contests.

This year's crop is right up there with the rest of them: we received nearly 100 videos from around the world, and there are at least a few future superstars in the mix. We've been looking for a way to grow the contest without changing it up too much, and partnering with Freeskier gives us the opportunity to take it to the next level and offer more exposure for the athletes involved. Win-win for everyone. "

The gang here at Freeskier couldn't be happier to help hungry up-and-comers make their way into the mainstream, and we invite you to follow along as we'll be rolling out the video submissions over the next few weeks, including a new sub-contest for Best Trick.

Stay tuned. 

Superunknown VIII Honorable Mentions

Superunknown VIII: Jason Arens

Jason Arens

Superunknown VIII: Greg Berneche

Greg Berneche

Superunknown VIII: Michael Briggs

Michael Briggs

Superunknown VIII: Cody Cirillo

Cody Cirillo

Superunknown VIII: Noah Curry

Noah Curry

Superunknown VIII: Marc Dandurand

Marc Dandurand

Superunknown VIII: Herman Fjoss

Herman Fjoss

Superunknown VIII: Josh Gassin

Josh Gassin

Superunknown VIII: Pär Hägglund

Pär Hägglund

Superunknown VIII: Michael Hibbs

Michael Hibbs

Superunknown VIII: Matt Mulligan

Matt Mulligan

Superunknown VIII: Maximilliam Smith

Maximilliam Smith

Superunknown VIII: Joey Vandermeer

Joey Vandermeer

Superunknown VIII: Dalton Waite

Dalton Waite

Superunknown VIII: Noah Wallace

Noah Wallace


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