[Freeride World Tour] Ordino Arcalís Stop One Recap

[Freeride World Tour] Ordino Arcalís Stop One Recap

We have officially passed a ski season milestone marker. The ever-anticipated Freeride World Tour has completed its first stop in balmy Ordino Arcalís, Andorra, and what kick off it was. As far as conditions go, we saw riders dealing with less than optimal spring-like snow, with a heavy mix of sun-baked crust and exposed rocks littering the course. However, as can be expected from the worlds best, these riders took to the starting gate and gave it everything they had. It’s easy to go out and barrel down a course with a solid base and a fresh foot of snow. Well, easy may not be the best word choice, but it’s certainly more nerve-racking to be ripping down an exposed face without the comfort of a recent blanket. With 28 total skiers competing, 19 men and 7 women, there were plenty of incredible lines as well as surprises. From FWT rookie Ray McDermott (shoutout to the Arapahoe Basin local) losing a pole upon landing but riding his line out, to the respected former champion Kristofer Trudell sliding out on a backflip, and women’s ski champion of the day Hedvig Wessel stomping a massive backflip, this Euro send off to the 2021 FWT brought exactly the kind of wild that keeps the people on their toes.

Women’s Ski Podium:

  1. Hedvig Wessel (NOR)
  2. Juliette Willmann (FRA)
  3. Maude Besse (SUI)

Men’s Ski Podium:

  1. Ross Tester (USA)
  2. Maël Ollivier (FRA)
  3. Blake Marshall (NZL)

Image Gallery

Photography by Dom Daher & Jeremy Bernard

For a full look of all of the round one madness, check out the Freeride World Tour Ordino Arcalís page right here. Complete with a start to finish live broadcast, videos, photos and more. This sh*t is next level!

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