European X Games Slopestyle Preview

European X Games Slopestyle Preview

Tom Wallisch's two cents on slopestyle.

Day two in Tignes, France at the European X Games gave the slopestyle competitors a chance to cut their teeth on the course that SPT had prepared for them. The course is two features shorter than last year's, has a 50-50 jump-to-rail ratio and better weather (at least today). While the course has some minor changes to be made, here is what the competitors saw today, a blueprint of what they are to face later this week.

Feature 1: A down bar or flat-down box option. Pretty straight forward. Anna Segal tests the flat-down out.


Feature 2: Roughly a 25-foot true table. Small, but we'll see if it gets changed. Joss Christensen grabs that tail over it.


Alex Schlopy chats Slopestyle at Euro X Games.

Feature 3: a flat-down rail with a couple takeoff options to gap the flat or to come on from the side. Here Russ Henshaw japan airs the entire deal in one swift motion.



Feature 4: triple rail: A half rainbow (Tom Wallisch pictured), a snow gap to down box or a flat rail gap to down rail. Options galore, here.


Feature 5: A 45-50 foot true table. Here, Byron Wells switch 540s his way over the feature.


Feature 6: This feature is already being changed, but today it was a 80-footer true table that not many were clearing. Here Jossi Wells and Tom Wallisch enjoy the lovely deck of the jump.


With a number of changed being made to the jumps take-offs, landings and shapes, the course will showcase a few different looks over the next couple of days. With a long and varied course such as this, one can only speculate on what will go down in the coming competitions days. 

Birthday boy Bene Mayr gives his approval after one run through.

Tomorrow the slopestyle competitors will have a chance to check out the re-tooled course while the Superpipe men have their elimination rounds in the evening. Stay tuned to Freeskier.com for all the action from Tignes, France.

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