The Endorsement: Nordica Week in Livigno, Italy

The Endorsement: Nordica Week in Livigno, Italy


Alex Schlopy in the Mottolino Snowpark

With the hectic-ness and exhaustion of the Winter X Games Europe behind us, many competitors looked forward to some quieter times. Bobby Brown is in Montana filming with PBP. Most of the ladies headed to Austria for Nico Zacek's Nine Queens "event." But for Tucker Perkins and Alex Schlopy (who were joined by season-sidelined TJ Schiller), they headed to Italy for something unique, something that we've dubbed, Nordica Week.

TJ Schiller

Basically, the entire European Freeski team (consisting of a number of young ams), the international pro team (consisting of the aforementioned plus Bene Mayr) and all the Nordica brass from here in Europe. Sure, team meetings are nothing new. Sure, athlete gatherings aren't groundbreaking, but for Nordica, it means a lot. This was the first time that a majority of the team (ams to superstars) were able to meet with product developers, marketers, et al. in a formal fashion. And what better place to meet than Italy.


 Roundtable discussion

Livigno, where this Nordica Summit has been planned is a beautiful town where three ski resorts converge. High in the Italian Alps, there is nothing but scenic valley after scenic valley. Mainly the time here in Italy is a chance for the team to come together. To brainstorm about future product. To showcase their talents on hill to each other. To meet and spend time together. 


Tucker and Alex gettin' it going in the early morning.

Between sunrise photoshoots, group dinners, product roundtables, shredding the public park and everything else, the Nordica week went off without a hitch. And yes, it's not the first time something like this has happened, but maybe other companies can take a cue. Check out the photos and videos to get a sense of what went down.


Christoph Schoech gets the shot.

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