Earthly remedies for unusual problems: FREESKIER’s Dr. Herb Cureall has the antidote

Earthly remedies for unusual problems: FREESKIER’s Dr. Herb Cureall has the antidote

Whether we like to admit it or not, skiers experience all kinds of woes. It could be sore legs and achy feet from your first tour of the season. Maybe it’s hunger pangs because you replaced brekkie with the chance for first tracks. Or, worst case, you’re mending a broken heart—your girlfriend “wants to try snowboarding.” Whatever the case, FREESKIER’s medicine man, Dr. Herb Cureall, has the remedy. Straight from Mama Earth, here are some of Herb’s most effective antidotes.

Revel in the glory of fresh brewed Yerba Mate — Reeling in the discomfort of an après-ski-party-turned-all-night-rager? This is a surefire way to cure your hangover and it’s a whole lot more efficient than drinking five coffees, three glasses of orange juice and eating a hamburger. Trusted by Sherpas in the high reaches of the Andes Mountains for a boost in mental clarity, you, too, can reap its benefits.

Brew some psychedelic mushroom tea — The laws of science are changing and we’re just now seeing positive results from academic studies showing the mindful effects of psilocybin on the human brain. Need to expand your worldview? Want to feel more connected to Mother Earth? Or, maybe, you’re just looking to make a down day at the lodge more exciting? Take a sip of the only brew Starbucks doesn’t have on its menu.

Sniff a handful of lavender — We get it… you’re feeling down because your friends left you behind on a powder day. Now, you have to ski alone and wipe your tears away in solitude. The quick fix? Keep a handful of lavender in your pocket and take a big whiff anytime you’re feeling low. Dr. Herb’s extensive studies show that lavender can act as a mild anti-depressant, relieving stress, tension and even help you make new, happy memories with friends that actually care about you.

Smoke some freakin’ weed already — Marijuana is legal in nearly every state in the Union and the days of “Reefer Madness” are long gone. If you’re traveling to Colorado, be sure to hit one of the three million dispensaries littered around the Mile High City and ask the bud-tenders to guide you to your next high. Lift your mind and relax your body with this herbaceous treatment. For best results, puff-puff-pass.

This story originally appeared in FREESKIER Volume 25, Issue 02.
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