DPS Skis to Build Limited Edition Lotus Powder Shapes

DPS Skis to Build Limited Edition Lotus Powder Shapes

DPS announced its plan to build a limited number of 200cm versions of their Lotus 120 and Lotus 138 skis for the 2007/2008 season. DPS has opened preorder reservations at dpsskis.com, and plans to deliver special edition Lotus models by late November to early December 2007. Both Lotus shapes will be sold for the universal DPS ski price, USD. $910 for orders placed before November 1, 2007, and USD. $959 after November 1, 2007.

The patent pending Lotus 138, and the progressively-shaped Lotus 120 have been the benchmark for high performance powder ski design and construction over the last two years. While DPS produces an extensive quiver of carbon shapes that span the snow/terrain spectrum, the Lotus series reflects the core of DPS brand- high performance powder riding. “The 200cm Lotus 120 and Lotus 138 designs came as a logical extension of the 190cm versions and were pushed forward by our customers- many of whom are at the highest tiers of the sport, ” said DPS founder Stephan Drake. “The carbon fiber construction allows us to make skis with massive surface area and super light weight while still boosting the ski’s intrinsic power and physical properties. It’s a unique situation because these large shapes can’t retain both power and lightweight with a fiberglass construction. The carbon fiber sandwich makes the Lotus shapes ripe for a super sizing.”

The new Lotus shapes are speciality quiver shapes designed for the the best days in big mountains. The Lotus series comes from a lineage of ski designs going back to the DB Tabla Rasa and Volant Spatula. “We have been refining and tweaking the geometry of powder shapes for years. They are tools for a special group of skiers who are the highest levels of the sport. These are shapes that are challenging what is possible in deep snow- we are striving for skis that will allow skiers to generate huge forces and speeds across the fall line. We hope they open up a more dynamic, creative, and beautiful style of skiing.”

The 200cm Lotus 120 and 202cm Lotus 138 are slated as limited run quantities at the end of DPS’s current production run. “We have offered up these skis on online message boards over the summer, and the number of preorder reservations have warranted that we build them. This is a breakout year for us. We have been quietly refining carbon ski technology over the last few seasons, and it’s finally ready to rip on a bigger scale. We are entering into full scale production earlier than ever before, and now plan to ramp up the brand with special core projects like long Lotus 138 and Lotus 120.”

For more information, or to reserve a DPS ski, visit, www.dpsskis.com.

About DPS
Founded in 2005, DPS (dpsskis.com) is about the mystery encountered in a slide across deep snow. With its roots in cult of high-performance powder culture, DPS has pioneered the use of aerospace carbon fiber and a sandwich construction to build skis that are lighter, stronger, and more powerful than conventionally built skis. The fusion of carbon technology and progressive shaping by designers Stephan Drake and Peter Turner have resulted in the most advanced and complete quiver of skis built today.
DPS maintains a direct internet-based global distribution through www.dpsskis.com that fosters community between its designers, reps, media partners, and customers. DPS donates 1% of its gross sales to environmental initiatives, and is involved in innovative media projects like The Powder Road.

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