Devin Logan Wins Winter Dew Superpipe and Dew Cup

Devin Logan Wins Winter Dew Superpipe and Dew Cup


Women's Podium (l-r): Rosalind Groenewoud, Devin Logan, Maddie Bowman

Devin Logan came to Utah this weekend with her eye on two Dew Cups. And tonight, she's halfway there. The Vermont-native put her nose to the grindstone and never looked back. The only female with a score to crack the 90s tonight, she handily defeated the star-studded lineup of women that included three other Dew Trophy holders and four X Games medalists. And with her win tonight, Devin overtook Maddie Bowman in the Dew Cup standings to claim her first Dew Cup title, adding yet another trophy in her budding career.

During a gray day, the women had to compete in what is known as the "bad light" time of day. It's when the sun is setting, making it dark, yet the light towers aren't quite effective yet, creating a very flat light. But the superpipe was fast, setting the stage for a Utah showdown not soon to be forgotten. But ultimately Logan ended up atop the podium, with Rosalind Groenewoud taking second and Maddie Bowman snagging third; her second straight Dew podium.

Logan's run, one of two ladies to not include a 900, maintained consistent amplitude throughout, as well as an added element of style, something that many critics have criticized women's pipe skiers for lacking. Her 540 tails were a thing of envy—which she combined with a right side flare and solid 720 mute—to carry her to the victory tonight. “I’m so excited,” exclaimed Logan tonight. “I can’t describe my feelings right now. It’s hit, but not really. I’m just in amazement right now. I’m so happy with everyone's skiing, and myself.”

Rosalind Groenewoud, no stranger to the podium, was in fine form tonight as well, showing her superpipe aggressiveness with her now-signature boo sty first hit safety grab. She then moved into a whirlwind of spins—900, left 540, right 540, left 720, switch 540—which she has been landing with increasing consistency and style. The Killingto stop winner Maddie Bowman was charging hard tonight, putting her 900, back-to-back 540s, right 720 and switch 540 to good use, securing herself another podium spot.


Devin Logan warming up for that first place run.

Anais Caradeux, whose 900 has been looking nicer and nicer every event, was one spot off the podium. She added a plethora of 540s and alley-oop variations in an attempt to assault the top spot, but ultimately ending just short. Newcomer to finals, Ayana Onozuka, put on a display, with some lofty airs and a solid 540, but ultimately her smaller bag of tricks held her back. Fan favorite Brita Sigourney had her eyes on the podium, but her high-risk, high-reward run didn't pan out tonight. Her 900s, 540s and alley-oops were on point, but she had trouble with her flares, going down on the trick both runs.

With the win, Logan captured the Dew Cup Overall title, pushing leader Maddie Bowman down to second, with Roz G taking the third overall spot. While quite an accomplishment in itself, The Highlander said it the best, "there can only be one." And as the sun set on the Women's Superpipe final, the Dew Cup is half over for the ladies. Look for Devin to get back to work on the slopestyle course tomorrow, as she guns for her second Dew Cup of the weekend. But she'll have some stiff competition from Kaya Turski and company. Stay tuned.


Roz Groenewoud putting up those big numbers.

Women's Superpipe Results:
1_ Devin Logan – 90.00
2_ Rosalind Groenewoud – 82.50
3_ Maddie Bowman – 80.00 
4_ Anais Caradeux – 70.00 
5_ Ayana Onozuka – 67.25 
6_ Brita Sigourney – 54.50

Women's Final Dew Cup Standings:
1_ Devin Logan – 190
2_ Maddie Bowman – 182
3_ Rosalind Groenewoud – 154
4_ Brita Sigourney – 150
5_ Anais Caradeux -148
6_ Ayana Onozuka – 140
7_ Katrien Aerts – 120
8_ Annalisa Drew – 115
9_ Keri Herman – 96
10_ Megan Gunning – 93


For Devin, a celebration is most definitely in order.

And on the AFP front, we have a new leader. Rosalind Groenewoud has parlayed her second place at Snowbasin into a first place in the AFP overall standings. She bumps Maddie Bowman and Devin Logan down into second and third, respectively. Brita Sigourney and Anais Caradeux swap places, with Brita sitting in fourth, Anais in fifth. Keltie Hansen drops two spots to eighth but she's the only lady in the top 10 with an event in hand. 

Megan Gunning also improved her standings, occupying the sixth place spot vacated by Keltie. Young Dara Howell improves a spot to seventh, while NZ's Rose Battersby continues to hold down the ninth spot. Rounding out the top ten is Annalisa Drew, who holds down 10th for the second consecutive event. For full standings, visit the Women's Superpipe rankings page.


Devin and her new hardware.

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