Destinations: Where the Industry Goes

Destinations: Where the Industry Goes

You’ve seen our travel guide, our top picks and our recommendations. But where do the pros ride when they aren’t competing? Where do industry types go when they take a vacation? We surveyed top industry officials and athletes and compiled a short list of top spots. So here is a resort guide, verbatim from not only respected individuals, but damn good skiers.


“I have to say that I would go back to Keystone because they’ve got everything. Good rails if you want them and the best kickers ever. And it takes like five minutes to lap with the lift.” -PK Hunder, Skier

“If I’m going to ski park it will be Keystone, plain and simple. Amazing lap time, amazing park and usually a pretty good array of pretty girls.” -Henrik Lampert, Skier

“As you can imagine, during the season I barely get a chance to free ski, let alone sneak away for a weekend or week — long adventure. The killer baby park (my fav) and the snowcat ski tours at Keystone are awesome. On that rare day off during the winter season, I head for the trees.” -Amy Kemp, PR Colorado Ski Country


“Valdez, Cordova and Haines in Alaska: The best steep and wide open terrain you can get. I like all the zones in AK. You can really open it up and go fast and the stability is amazing, sometimes you can’t even believe that there is snow on the slope it’s so steep and it just stays. There is nothing like AK anywhere, it’s the Holy Grail of Skiing.” -Chris O’Connell, Photographer


“I’m pretty anti-scene. Obviously, I don’t like the “Squawllywood” thing. However, Squaw has gnarly skiing, and is covered with mini-golf. And it gets enough snow that you can ski the gnarly stuff and the mini-golf all the time. Plus Squaw has gambling less than an hour away. What could be better?” – John Symms, Skier

“Duh, it’s the best.” -Cody Townsend, Skier


“With 647 inches of average annual snowfall — why wouldn’t you want to go there?” – Randy Torcom, Dakine Team Manager

“My favorite resort to ride. Cool locals, and best terrain to play on in the USA. They get lots of powder.” -Eric Pollard, Skier

“When we filmed Pollard, Pep, and Andy in that powder… I would have loved to say, ‘f—- this camera’ and go ride some pow! -Eric Iberg, Filmmaker


“Aspen is unreal because of the variety of sick terrain the four mountains offer, and you get what you pay for — a $17 cheeseburger tastes like a $17 cheeseburger.” -Clem Smith, Volkl Team Manager

“When I ski, I like to ski at Snowmass. There are great trees at the top of the mountain that are amazing when there is fresh snow.” -Henrik Lampert, Skier

“The word ‘Aspen’ says it all. The best of the best. The most extravagant, most expensive, most luxurious resort in the world. In Aspen everything goes.” – Kristi Leskinen, Skier


“Arlberg in Austria…Skiing, party, powder, Alpine Lux Hotel, Schnitzel, and good beer.” -Greg Strokes, Oakley Mens Team Manager

“Maybe the best ski area in the world. All kinds of riding and always untouched pow somewhere in this huge area. Too crowded sometimes, but this place never let me down — been there more than 10 times and everytime I come back with a smile.” -Mattias Fredriksson, Photographer


“I’d just stay at home and ski Whistler/Blackcomb. It seems that nearly the whole winter is spent on the road and not enough days at home where the best skiing often is.” -Mike Douglas, Skier

“With two insanely huge mountains and plenty of terrain to satisfy everyone from rippers to beginners, there’s something in Whistler for everyone. And with a killer walking village with plenty of restaurants, bars, and places to hang, it’s everything you can imagine and more. If you have a little extra coin, score a day in a cat or heli for that extra special treat to brag to your buddies about once you come home.” -Ryan Snyder, Red Bull US Communications

“Whistler, because it has got everything you would need.. powder all the time, good park, crazy party place, beautiful surroundings, and cool people that are there to have fun.” -Kaya Turski, Skier

“This spot is where it’s at. Can’t really beat this mountain.” -Corey Vanular, Skier

“Always something sick to ride there. Some of the sickest pow skiing in the world.” -Mike Henitiuk, Skier


“There’s nothing better than messing around in those green mountain trees.” -Kristy MItchell, PR Roxy

“That’s where I rode during college. The mountain is super fun and the fact that you can go to a cheese factory, brewery, and cider mill on the way back to Burlington is unbeatable!” – Jenny Naftulin, Salomon US Team Manager


“When you see this place you’ll realize why Candide is so damn nuts.” -Luke Van Valin, Skier


“Best, most consistent powder on the planet during the months of Dec. to March. Best tree runs that exist anywhere with no crowds. I’ve been entirely too fortunate to ride waist deep powder there all winter long this year, when people complained there was no snow.” -Chris O’Connell, Photographer

“Retallack has the best tree skiing in the world; the old growth mammoth trees are spaced perfectly so you can keep your speed through out your run.”  -Greg Strokes, Oakley Mens Team Manager


“My best trip ever was La Grande Monte, Chamonix, France, we got six feet in a week and it was my first time skiing in Europe. Makes you realize why that town is the legend it is.” -Clem Smith, Volkl Team Manager

“You want to scare yourself shitless, go to Cham.” -Cody Townsend, Skier

“The only place I have ever found it fun to be scared.” -Eric Iberg, Filmmaker


“Jamaica: the only place better than the mountain.” -Jason Levinthal, Founder, Line Skis

“I am always up for some sun and surf on what ever beach I can park my ass on. My main mission is to be surrounded by exotic women in tropical lands.’ -Dustin Goss, President, POW Gloves

“I also try to get the heck out of dodge and head to the beach as often as possible — Mexico, Nicaragua, Cali — to surf on my new pink longboard. Just got back from Cali where I managed to catch a wave or two.” -Amy Kemp, PR Colorado Ski Country

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