[DEEP DIVE] Dragon RXV Mag OTG review

[DEEP DIVE] Dragon RXV Mag OTG review

All images: Courtesy of Dragon Alliance

Dragon Alliance first got its start in 1993 in the surf town garage of founder Will Howard. With the intent to create high-performance eyewear, Dragon quickly gained international notoriety and invited athletes to collaborate in the design process. From these collaborations, the brand has developed proprietary technologies like Lumalens color optimization—which is featured in every Dragon goggle model—the first-ever frameless NFX snow goggle as well as the widest field of vision available in the PXV. Now, the brand is introducing its first magnetic lens-changing system in the RXV Mag OTG

“This goggle is made for those who demand the most from their gear,” says Shay Williams, Dragon’s category manager. “In addition to the Swiftlock Magnetics system, the RVX MAG OTG features a whole array of premium features like our premium injection Lumalens color optimized lenses (two in the box), armored venting, silicone strap beading, Super Anti-Fog coating, and OTG-compatibility. It’s got all the bells and whistles we can offer, for those looking to maximize their time on the hill.”

In an attempt to fill a performance void in the market, Dragon developed its Swiftlock Magnetics system to provide a magnetic, frameless goggle that is both easy to use and locks securely should you take a tumble. A lever on the wearer’s lower right side of the goggle locks in the frame once the magnets have made contact. Should you need to switch lenses—every purchase of the RXV comes with two lenses—simply lift the lever and pull the lens off of the frame, pop the new lens in, flip the lever back down and you’re ready to rock. 

Along with the Swiftlock Magnetics system and all of the other notable technologies, the brand would be remiss not to mention an underrated feature that doesn’t always get the hype that it deserves. 

“Armored Venting is a sneaky feature that Dragon pioneered,” says Williams. “The top vent of all goggles are lined with foam to keep out snow and ice while allowing for air flow to decrease fogging, but if ice builds up it can tear the foam, rendering expensive goggles almost useless. Armored Venting is a piece of hard plastic over the foam that allows the consumer to safely scrape away ice and snow, protects against hard objects (like tree branches or inside of gear bags) and generally allows for increased durability and longevity in our product.”

A brand that relies on the expertise of its athletes, Dragon spent time in research and development to give its athletes like Hunter Hess a goggle that can hold up to the demands of the professionals. Professionally approved, Dragon knew they had raised the standard for magnetic lens systems. And at a competitive price point, the brand isn’t trying to break the bank. Whether you’re a weekend resort warrior or a frequent the skin track more days than not, the RXV Mag OTG works in every scenario, day in and day out.