The Best Ski Goggles of 2024

The Best Ski Goggles of 2024

Welcome to a special Buyer’s Guide feature from FREESKIER. Here’s a close-up look at the best ski goggles of the year. Click here to explore the entire 2024 FREESKIER Buyer’s Guide.

Glade Optics Adapt 2

If switching lenses during the day isn’t your thing, the Adapt 2 is calling your name. Glade Optics’ award-winning Adapt 2 is photochromic, so whether you’re storm riding or ripping laps on a bluebird day, the tint changes based on light exposure. With the Adapt 2, you always have the correct lens for any condition. It works well with most popular helmets on the market and features a no fog guarantee. Prepare to leave them on and leave them be.

Sweet Protection Connor Rig Reflect

Welcome the Connor Rig Reflect. The latest addition to Sweet Protection’s lineup of goggles boasts an expansive, frameless design. Equipped with anti-fog properties and Gore Protective Vents, this goggle provides unparalleled clarity. RIG lens technology allows the goggle to minimize color distortion and reduce eye fatigue. Strap on a pair, and you’ll understand why they call the technology ‘clear AF.’

Scott Amp Pro

Designed for optimal performance in dim conditions, the natural green-tinted lens enhances contrast on white-washed days. If you can’t experience the goggle in person, Scott has you covered. Through Scott’s website, enter an augmented reality that lets you test the field of vision at home. Plus, you can make your purchase with a clear conscience, knowing that the Amp Pro’s all-new design is crafted using 50 percent renewable resources. 

Zeal Cloudfall Optimum

Clean and simple—that’s the motto for the Cloudfall. Not only is it notable because of its award-winning Rail Lock System, but it utilizes a spherical lens that curves along the vertical and horizontal surfaces, providing a broader field of view. Boasting the most advanced tech among all Zeal goggles, the Cloudfall provides a distortion-free lens that increases the vertical field of view by 20 percent. Plus, you’ll get a bonus flat light lens.

POC Vitrea

POC continues to design goggles that provide skiers with the ideal lens no matter the weather conditions. The Vitrea sets itself apart with its user-friendly lens system focused on effortless swaps on the fly. Thanks to a quick-release mechanism, you can seamlessly pop and swap lenses. Sold with an additional toric lens, this goggle has you covered come overcast or sunny days.

SPY+ Megalith

At first glance of the Megalith, it’s not the cylindrical lens or the impressive tech under the hood that grabs your attention; it’s the retro-inspired design. Launching in a variety of colors, the Megalith was deliberately crafted to evoke a sense of nostalgia. Fans of the Spy+ Monolith sunglass will recognize the crossover from the original single-lens shades. Expect to get happy peering through this goggle, because its lens is scientifically engineered to enhance your mood.

Bollé Eco Blanca

Bollé’s Eco Blanca goggles are built for women who value style and environmental friendliness. The Eco Blanca is the evolution of the Blanca goggle, with a strap made from 65 percent recycled polyester, and frames and adjusters that are bio-based. But don’t think the technology on this goggle is recycled. Its double lenses are laced with Anti-Fog treatments and Flow Tech venting to clear any fog on those super wet days. 

Oakley Fall Line

Inspired by large field of view goggles, like the Line Miner, the Fall Line is part of Oakley’s Line Series of cylindrical snow goggles. The Fall Line is optimized to fit a wide variety of faces and designed to fit with most helmets to ensure a seamless fit no matter the gear combination. Oakley’s Ridgelock Lens change system makes swapping lenses quick and easy while also allowing for complete lens seal. 

Atomic Four Pro HD

Made to dominate on- and off-piste, the Four Pro HD Photo goggle seamlessly adapts to your surroundings. Its photochromatic lens intelligently adjusts the tint to provide optimal contrast come low visibility. With the new Sealed Lens System, unwanted wind and moisture are evicted. The understated cylindrical design, inspired by urban aesthetics, effortlessly exudes cool on the slopes.

Dragon NFX MAG OTG With IR Lens

2023 marks 30 years since Will Howard founded Dragon in a garage on Capo Beach. Since Dragon began, it’s continually improved performance eyewear in surf and snow categories. The NFX MAG OTG is the newest goggle on the scene. Its premium lens technology protects your eyes from harmful radiation, decreases intense heat during blue-bird days and reduces eye fatigue. This cylindrical lens is armored and ready for whatever you throw its way.

Uvex Epic Attract

New from Uvex, the Epic Attract is a must-have for mega-sharp contrast and unsurpassed vision with Uvex contrastview and supravision technology. The Epic Attract also features a magnetic interchangeable lens system that allows you to switch lenses with ease when the clouds roll in. Strap on a pair and prepare to see more than ever before.

100% Snowcraft S

Meet the Snowcraft S goggle by 100%—a field-of-vision amplifier with a shatter-resistant and UltraHD Optical Clarity lens. Developed alongside Olympic Champion Zoi Sadowski-Synnott, these frames are made to take on all terrain and weather conditions. For overcast days, the Snowcraft S comes with a spare HiPer lens that ramps up contrast and enhances colors.