A day in the Irwin Backcountry, Crested Butte, CO

A day in the Irwin Backcountry, Crested Butte, CO

In what is usually a fairly dry month for snowfall, something very strange happened to Colorado early December. Mother Nature blessed Crested Butte with about eight feet of snow over about a week and a half period, something generally unheard of for our town. After the snow finally started to subside, the town all of a sudden filled with the large crowds which usually are only reserved for Christmas and Spring break. Mostly only lucky locals managed to ski the mid-storm powder, which on one morning was about two and a half feet of the lightest snow Colorado can offer.

Even stranger than the massive amounts of snow, was how stable all of it was after it stopped snowing. It had bonded perfectly creating conditions that many only dream about this early in the season. It was finally game on for Crested Butte’s legendary backcountry! Corey Tibljas and Josh Finbow from Two Plank Productions dusted off the sleds and headed out to the area known as “Lake Irwin”, Scott skiers Brandon Clabaugh and Jonny “Scrizz” Scott were on board along with Tyson Bolduc. Since the snow, we have been shooting backcountry jumps, pow turns, and big cliff lines. The start of this season will be one to remember.

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