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Copenhill Team Battle 2022 – recapping skiings greatest summer showdown

You’ve never seen summer skiing quite like this. Unless of you’ve seen or heard about CopenHill, Denmark’s turf-laden ski hill that sits on top of Copenhagen’s carbon free power plant. In that case, you’re probably as entranced as I am with the immaculate ski and party heaven that is CopenHill. Featured in the joyful SLVSH edit ‘COPENHILL’ that dropped this fall (which is a fantastic look into the immaculate energy of the scene), the ski hill was the host to the inaugural Scandinavian Team Battle last year. This June, your favorite skiers returned alongside some new faces to dazzle once again in the Denmark summer sun.

Jakob Ebskamp testing the cannon rail, with Markus Boa on the follow

At its roots, Copenhill showcases the rise of a brilliantly vibrant community, albeit in an unlikely place. It serves as a wonderfully essential reminder that skiing is here to bring people together. It’s a craft that is individual in its perfection, but communal in its growth, and anything without growth is sure to stall. Skiing grows as areas like CopenHill are born around the world, giving passionate individuals a place to pour their energy into sport, music, art; simply put, a damn good time.

Jesper Tjäder, Emil Granbom, Johan Berg, Siver Voll, Anouk Andraska, Christian Moser, Cal Carson, Alex Hackel, Isabella Tvede, and Jakob Ebskamp put on an absolute show, with team Sweden once again taking home the victory. That being said, there’s plenty of action to unpack, so have a peak at two of our favorite recaps.

Jesper Tjäder and Judith Bergström’s ‘Copenhill Tape’. A fantastic look at the event from behind the curtain
CopenHill’s beautifully shot recap of the Scandi Team Battle ’22

Of course we have to give a shout out to Line Skis, for sponsoring and helping put on such a banger of an event. Leave it to Line to be first up to support one of the greatest and more innovative events skiing has to offer. Probs to the lads and ladies over there.

For more action, check out the CopenHill Insta page, as well as the athletes involved.

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